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Pre Hi-flo pnp drain improvement - 3/4" to 1 1/8"


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I have a 2012 A20 with 750 fat sacs for pnp.  I have no problem with filling time.  But, I wouldn't mind improving the amount of time that it takes to drain the bag into the tank while emptying the system.

I was considering moving to more of the hi-flo set up for the drain from the bag to the tank.  Can I change out fitting on the hard tank to increase the flow into the tank?  I know I can do so with the bag connection and obviously the tubing, but don't know about the tank.


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Shortest hose close to the box helps and I think I have high flow quick connects red and black from wakemakers.  we ride around with nose up wedge down and I yank in sacks to move water to drain , use wet vac and same  technique to get rest of a couple gallons when I put boat away and dry by hand underneath. I have carpet in forward bag compartment so I remove that bag cause some wet from leaks from vent line connection and some condensation under bag using the screw in plugs to get it out of boat and drain that one outside of boat and allow carpet to dry. Each week, pain, I do that even though I run a fan straight into that compartment.  I would have nothing but algae in bags if I didn't drain them in Louisiana brackish water. It's the bag as it orients to the drain, not the tank hardware

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I shortened the hose from the bag to the tank when installing.  You have a 2014 with larger diameter tubes/fittings than I do.  Malibu told me I would not be able to swap out the fitting on the hard tank.  As a result, I'll just deal with the delayed emptying times.  Thanks for the reply.

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If you want a major improvement, remove the hard tanks completely and install Sumo 900 sacs in place of the tank/750 combo. Install it with all 1-1/8 hose. It will be a MAJOR improvement.

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