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Plug'n play 2016 - Hose missing

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Hello everybody,

I need your help. I should take delivery of my new boat next week.

When I went to the cover shop, I opened the rear trunk, and I noticed the following :

- I have the two draining hoses on the floor for the plug'n play system, but there's no hose on the top for filling the bag.

Is there a change for 2016, or am I missing something, or anything else went wrong with Malibu when the built the boat ?


Thanks a lot guys 

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My understanding from the dealer regarding the 2016 system, and what I have observed from having it for a month:  There are two pnp hoses in the rear compartment.  Both flow directly from the factory hard tank.  When the hard tank gets to full, the overflow starts pouring through the pnp hoses and into any bags you connect (so both hoses fill).  When you dump the hard tanks, gravity pushes the water back through the hoses, and into the hard tank, so both hoses drain.  There is no separate vent hose for the bags.  When the hard tanks and the pnp both get full, the hard tank vent will overflow (it is higher than the pnp hoses)

When you use a PRESET to fill, it will not fill the pnp bags.  However, if you just push fill on the desired hard tank, it will continue to fill until you shut it off, so it will fill the hard tank first, then the bags.  The gauges only show you the status of the hard tanks (filling or not, and what level), and do not show the status of the bags.  Thus, if you push drain on a hard tank with a bag above it, the pump will show on the screen as running for quite awhile, before the level stops dropping from 100% (because the bags drain first)

On mine, it takes roughly 3 minutes to fill the hard tanks, then another 7-8 minutes to fill the bags in the rear compartment so they fill the entire compartment capacity.  Seems to take a little longer to drain, but I have not timed it.  



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ah... makes more sense.  thanks for clarification!

do you have to burp your bags every outing?  mine came with the sumo 900's(don't fit very well) and need a lot of purging from the center valve when filling.

I asked the dealer about it.... venting the top to an existing line and was told that it ends up losing water too easily.... and that a check valve is a headache with that set up.

but it is still something I'm intersted in and may do myself this summer

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On my 15 A22 I was tired of having to burp my bags every time, so I capped my hard tank vent line and routed a new vent line from my bag to the through hull fitting.

If you route the new vent line up high, then I don't think you will have a problem with losing water.

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I only filled/drained my 24MXZ (2016) a half a dozen times due to not being on the water enough, however I have not had near the problems with air entrapment as I had in my 2015 or 2012 with PNP.  So far I like the system a lot but I have very little use thus far.

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