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Another Battery Question


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On my 94 Malibu echelon I had a single battery AutoCraft M24-3, MCA 100, CC875, Reserve Capacity 125 ($89.99).  This is the battery that came with the boat.  I had 4 JL 7.7 speakers, JL amp and a 10 inch JL sub with a capacitor.  I could runt he stereo 4-5 hours at the sand bar and the volts would only appear to drop a few tenths.  I thought that was exceptional although I'm not sure how accurate the gauge was.  I would have thought it would have used up a bit more power??  Anyway I bought a second boat and need to buy a battery.

Having a good experience with the previous battery, I was planning on getting a similar kind.  However I thought I would see if there were any suggestions on a better battery at a similar price (The battery runs $89.99)?  

Also was considering having two batteries and a nice perko switch to ensure I would always have a battery to start the boat.  However I'm not sure I'd need that setup based on past experience?  What do you guys think?

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The first time your boat doesn't start you will wish you had it!!

I would run a deep cycle for all your stereo stuff and save the starting battery for just that, starting and running the boat.  Completely ensures you always have a starting battery.

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I'm running a starting battery, deep cycle, Perko switch, & Guest 10 amp dual bank on-board charger. The boat spends the bulk of the spring, summer & fall on the lake. Anytime its at the house, the charger is plugged in. The batteries are 5 or 6 years old now a9nd still going strong. The dedicated starting battery and on-board charger is the best way to make sure you don't have problems.

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I like keeping things simple.  I have no experience with these, but it they work, you could just keep one in the boat and not have to add all the wiring, switches, isolator etc. that another battery requires.



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I'd add a second battery for the stereo, but that's not what he is asking.

For the price, I think those Autozone batteries are just fine. I like the walmart everstarts myself because the local auto parts stores usually don't have the size I want for the boat in stock. Costco's brand have done really well in my diesel but I haven't tried them in the boat.

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On 4/22/2016 at 8:04 AM, Murphy8166 said:

I rather see you go to Napa Auto Parts and get a battery - East Penn / Deka is the Mfgr that makes the Napa brand Battery.  I do see that they have stores in WI.


They are also offering 20% off right now nationwide


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