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battery life

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It depends on many factors. How it is stored in the off season. Kept on a charger or not. How often it is deep cycled ect... Five years is probably the norm for a properly cared for battery. You are doing very well.

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Just replaced my battery last year for the first time.  Using it to power an inverter the previous winter finished it off.  Used only for starting, no stereo or pumps.

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1 hour ago, Pnwrider said:

I like to replace every 4-5 years. Learning your battery is toast the first day of a week long vacation really sucks. 


I have a two battery system, both were 4 years old last summer. Battery one died on vacation, battery two kept me moving, but I paid the vacation premium to have two new batteries delivered to me on the lake. Shoulda woulda coulda....

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I just replaced 11 year old Optima Blue tops in my old boat (a friend bought it).  They were not even kept on a charger, so that is quite the miracle.  Imagine my surprise when I took a look and found the batteries I had put in there 11 years ago.  

I understand that Optima got a bad name after 2005 for producing less reliable batteries for a few years, I am hopeful they have pulled it together, because obviously the 2005 batteries were incredibly well made.  

Kept on a charger, I would think you can get a few more years than if you don't.  


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I do not use an onboard charge and I got 3 years and 400 hours out of and dual battery (both starting batteries) set up.  I was going to install a charger but my storage situation is wacky.  At $75ish each, I figure that is part of the cheap maintenance program.  I have a tiny stereo system.  

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im running two of the new interstate agm's. an mt7 and a 31m-agm, awesome so far but a little pricey. we've been running the mt7's in race cars , no alt and don't have to charge between rounds.

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