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Draining Gas tank 2015 22 VLX

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Hey guys 

As our summer season draws to a close :cry:and yours just begins, :clap: 

I have been trying to find in this forum of immense knowledge how to drain a fuel tank on the new 22 VLX

Can’t seem to find anything in relation to just the 22 VLX

Looked at syphoning the gas out via the inlets but the actual gas hose on both sides does a dogleg curve and the length of syphon hose would be over 8ft in length.

I have asked the service guys they state just leave it in , however I have 40% left and Shell V-Power premium 98 octane unleaded fuel I use apparently has a shelf life of approx. 3 months. (It’s going to be 7 months before I get the hull wet again)

I know I can hear you all saying just go and use it , however time constraints with work / kids sporting commitments and the weather are all against me now.

Ideas greatly appreciated.

Cheers Ian

Bu being born Step 16.jpeg

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I would just add some fuel stabilizer and you should be fine.  Add some and run the boat for a while as recommended.  I have never had an issue before!


Good luck.


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If you absolutely have to go that route I would elevate the trailer tongue to move all of the crunchies and other bad things in the tank toward the filler necks on the tank. Remove/loosen the two hose clamps on the filler hose "at the tank" and pull the hose out of the way. Remove the bilge plug under the oil pan and insert a considerably shorter length of hose and suck until you get gas flowing and keep draining and filling gas cans until you run out of gas. If you want to get the last drop out you will likely have to invest in a vacuum pump of some sort.

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Go run it a little lower if you can!  Who doesn't want to go ride some more anyway, see if you can get it down closer to 20%. Throw some stabilizer in it. Then next season fill it up and run it.  I filled mine up on Oct 31 last year expecting to go ride for a full day and drain it.  Ended up not being able to go so I have a full tank that I put stabilizer in. I live in California and fuel is only good for a couple months but I am not expecting to much of a problem my first trip out.

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