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1 pair of rev 10's or 2 pair of rev 8's


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So I am considering making a change to my setup.  On my tower I have a single pair of rev 8's that were on the boat from previous owner. They sound good, but I want a little more.  My question is do I keep it easy and buy a set of 10's and still run a single pair, or do I buy another set of 8's. Either way I go, 1 pair of 10's or another pair of 8's I will getting a different amp so I consider that a sunk cost.  Appreciate any thoughts?  Have considered going with a set of 10's and along with the 8's, but as lame as this sounds, I don't love that look.

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Theres only about a $150 difference between the Rev-8 and Rev-10 for a speaker thats got a little more power handling, naturally more output due to its greater surface area and plays deeper mid-bass range. However, 2 pair of Rev-8 will have a little edge in peak output at the end of the line due to 4 horns over two. If you primary focus is wake range, the 2 8" HLCDs win, but i like the Rev-10 because they deliver both near and far. 

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It's a mixed bag and a tough call. Like MLA stated, the larger 10" is more sensitive, has more output with the same power, and extends deeper into the midbass. If maximum output wasn't the primary objective and sound quality was, I would prefer a single pair of Rev10s over anything. If it's all about the output and projection, then two pair of Rev8s with 1200 watts total power (300 ea.) will certainly have an output edge over a single pair of Rev10s with 800 watts total power (400 ea.). When mixing a Rev8 and Rev10 you always have the problem of the dominant 10" speaker. Do you de-tune the 10" to protect the 8" or do you allow the 10" to dominate leaving the 8" less visible? Either way a mix is never the most efficient scenario.

On the flipside, if I had a tubular tower then I would embrace the Rev10/Rev8 mix. With a horizontal array, I would fan out the four speakers and place the Rev8s to the outside. I would use a DSP to time delay the off-axis outside speakers (Rev8s) so that you would have an incredibly uniform response as you moved from far left to far right. But in doing so my objective would not be 'going for max output'. Maybe with the using crossbar plus the arch you would be open to doing a DSP system if you have a local dealer who specializes in these type of systems.      


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I am thinking the pair of 10s is where I will start. I want a better sound at the end of the rope, but we spend plenty of time listening to music just swimming and hanging out. 

Which means I will have a gently used pair of Rev 8s for sale. 

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