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Chrome peeling and cutting me. :'(


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Hey y'all, I have a 2011 23 LSV with push button throttle. It's the push button style like the one here...


and it may sound totally ridiculous but I have a gripe about it and would like yalls advice. The chrome bezel around the button is cracking and peeling in a few small areas. Nobody would notice but me really but just like y'all, we all want our boats perfect. Aside from it looking like crap, the chrome actually cuts me all over my hand by the end of the day. Like paper cuts. I couldn't figure it out for a while but every time after a long day driving, my right hand has all these tiny little cuts. Mostly my finger tips and the center of my palm. Without replacing the the entire unit at some ungodly price, is there a solution? Can I buy just the trim part? Who can I source for this? I know I am probably required to tough it up and quit crying about it but it's super annoying. If I peeled the chrome off and painted it, what paint would I use? Seems like such an area that is handled so often would just wear right off. Just to clarify, I have tough man hands....All realistic suggestions are welcome. 

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I think Bakes or Skidim would probably have the part, but it might be a better albeit more expensive option to actually have it re-chromed. The problem with re-chroming is that it may not want to fit back on with a better plating job. Painting won't be an option as the first time you get suntan lotion on it your going to look like a 3 year old with a hand full of M&M's. A homemade powder coat job will definitely last longer than painting and might be a reasonable and repeatable alternative depending on the cost. I have actually seen small parts baked in a toaster oven.

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So I think the root of your problem is those tough man hands are wearing the chrome off. The ultimate fix is to find some soothing girly smelly hand lotion and use it at least three times a day.

Sorry, slow day at work, couldn't help myself.

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Rednucleus haha, that's funny. I have a red alignment stripe on the steering wheel of my F-150. Totally worn off at 30,000 miles. I'm an idiot and didn't replace the wheel under warranty (I thought it was my fault) so now I'm stuck with it. My hands are pretty rough. 

WDR - Do you have a clue as to how I can remove the trim piece? Um without breaking preferably. 



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If it is metal it should screw off. If it is plastic, then most likely it is a push on piece that is going to get scuffed up when you try to pry it off, but it might spin off as well. I would try to spin it off first, you most likely won't do any damage if it is plastic and if it doesn't have threads and freely spins you can pretty much be assured that it is a snap on / press fit piece. I am sure others with that model will chime in. If it is plastic you are probably going to have to pay the man to replace it.

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I would probably peel the chrome, or sand it to prevent cutting and leave it. Sounds like you want a factory looking solution though. It could be an interim step until you can get the replacement part.

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I'm guessing that it's a plastic ring that is chrome plated.  Find a pal with a lathe and ask him to turn a new one out of some exotic wood. 

If you really want shiny metal, you could go to the extreme of making one out of stainless and polish it. 

Or just put duct tape over the old one. 

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Lol @ the driving gloves solution. So I have an update! I contacted ZF Controls and after a couple emails, they got back with me. They are sending me a new replacement for free! Sent it out today! They don't even want the old one back. When I get the new one on, I'll disassemble the one that's cutting me and figure out a solid solution to repair it since I can't be the only one with this issue and report back. Till I get it in however, it's duct tape, lotion, and driving gloves for me though :)

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all the Malibu/Wakesetter emblems in the cockpit on my boat have this problem, as do the chrome parts of the tower racks/spinners.  they all appear to be metal.  I will be trying to remove them all this spring and have them blasted and powdercoated.  Not sure how to get a couple off the tower as they must be glued in place.

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