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Kicker or Rockford Fosgate Tower Speakers


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Ok, here goes another tower speaker thread. Problem is I am not a "stereo guy" and I am looking for some advise from people that know about speakers and have used/have experience with them. I have a few questions for everybody......I want HLCD speakers, are the RF 282 and RF 265 speakers HLCD? Another option is a buddy of mine has the Kicker 6500.2 enclosure set up that I can get a smoking deal on....I can also get a good deal on RF stuff. Would you buy the Kicker 6500.2 set up or Rf tower speakers? I know the amp has a big part on how well either speaker is going to sound, but which speaker am I going to get the best sound quality out of? Right now I have 4 Polk's(coaxial) in cans on my tower and at wakeboard length it just isn't cutting it and I want something better. Before everybody just says "just buy some WS and be done with it", these are the two that I can get deals on and need help on making a good decision. Thanks!

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The RF speakers are not HLCD and will prob not produce much more than your current set up.  Not sure why those are so pricey.  They will prob have better sound quality tho.  I had the kicker set up and it fit my needs pretty well.  I would definitely run it with an EQ so you can tune it well and give them plenty of power.  Even so, wake range was marginal at best compared to wetsounds.  They are much better than any coaxial and prob similar in sound to 1 pair of wetsounds pro 60's IMO

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The Kicker 6200.2 is a very good tower speaker....if you add the second pair of 6.5" midbass drivers. So a package of four 6.5" midbass drivers with two HLCD tweeters. This requires six pods. In the six-pack configuration it is equal to or superior to any 8-inch HLCD Proaxial speaker. A well-designed speaker in all respects. Especially with a fully developed horn and real horn architecture (and not just for show). However, without the extra set of midbass speakers it is definitely not the same speaker. And in that form I am against any 6.5" HLCD speaker. They'll all unbalanced or lack lower midrange/midbass strength. Again, I'm making a strong distinction between two and four midbass drivers.

Neither the Rockford Fosgate RF282 or RF262 tower speakers are HLCDs. They both use direct-radiating conventional 1" dome tweeters. They are what is referred to as surf speakers. Good projection and strength at wake range and at rest in reasonable proximity, at least in the 8-inch version.

Rockford Fosgate does have an 8-inch tower speaker with a horn tweeter, the 282HW. It uses a standard size 1" tweeter diaphragm, and does not have a fully developed horn. So not the same design principles that you would see in a Wetsounds Rev8 for example. But the RF horn is louder and does project with more penetration as compared to the non-horn RF tower speaker.   


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