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Krypt 6.5" HLCD in stock 04' Wakesetter cans?


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My boat is currently sitting in storage, so I haven't been able to measure, but does anyone know if the Krypt 6.5" HLCD speakers would fit in my stock tower speaker cans (6.5" Sony speakers in the housings).... also pictured below

Current cans / speakers -



Specs on the speaker I'm looking at:

Over all diameter


Bolt circle diameter

157mm / 4 - 4.3 holes

Cut out diameter

145 mm


133 mm



..... Thanks!

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That's unlikely since the Krypts are an over-sized 6.5" basket (in both I.D. & O.D.) and the smaller Sony grill slightly overlaps and under-sized pod diameter. 

I would also recommend that you avoid any and all 6.5" Proaxial HLCDs, new or used, regardless of brand.

Note: The Kicker 6.5" HLCD is not a Proaxial. They are independent components. But to perform up to a musically-balanced standard you would need two midbass drivers to one horn driver and that means six total pods. And this system isn't going to fit your existing pods either.

If trying to live within a budget, I would rather have an 8-inch surf speaker than a 6.5-inch HLCD. The 6.5 HLCD will have a bit more amplitude at wake range....however this is only with a narrow treble peak. The 8-inch surf speaker offers more average output over the entire audible range and sounds much better at all distances. You might start looking at the Kicker 8" coaxial in new pods. I think it's a good starting point at less cost than Wetsounds for example.    

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I would skip the krypts too. I had a pair and although they are quite loud they are extremely bright harsh, 0 mid bass all high. If you got some free or very cheap maybe install them UNTIL you can get something better. But if you are spending money.....might as well save up and do something bigger the first time. Like everyone always says around here, do it right the first time.

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I would rather have an 8-inch surf speaker than a 6.5-inch HLCD.

For something like this, am I just looking for a 2 or 3 way 8" speaker? - something like this ?? http://www.amazon.com/Kicker-41KM84LCW-Coaxial-Marine-Speakers/dp/B00L2SO87U/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1458072636&sr=8-7&keywords=8%22+speaker+coaxial


I don't need anything crazy.... no need to hear music well while wakeboarding, no party coves I'm trying to blast in .... just something to replace the original Sony speakers in our boat... all of the cones are almost falling out from years of sun bake.   Affordable and simply "okay" performance is fine for what I'm looking for.

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Then an 8-inch 2-way like the Kicker is going to be perfect for you.

Finding pods to match the X pattern shouldn't be too hard.

Btw, the same power that was running the Sony speakers may not have been enough to drive HLCDs. However, an 8-inch coaxial will be no more difficult to drive than a 6.5-inch coaxial.   


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Thank you!


I originally planned on two Rev10s, but I just can't really justify the cost + amp upgrade cost with how I use our stereo.  60% of the time we're slowly cruising around or swimming/floating.  The other 40% is surfing/wakeboarding and I'm getting out of shape enough where I don't need the music for 30 min sets like I would do years ago. 


I'll keep my eyes peeled for some new 8" housings and go from there.


Thanks everyone!

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Please let us know what you go with for speaker pods.  I have an 04 that is getting close to needing a new set of speakers as well.  Thanks. 

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Pull one of those speakers and check the ID and OD of the pod. The Kicker KMS67 is a far better sounding setup then the krypts. For surfing, I would rather 2 pair of 6.5 coaxials then a 6.5 pro-axial HLCD. If you want to retain the pods and not having wake range projection is the goal, then consider the KM654 2 pair. if you are willing to ditch the pods, then one pair of the KM8 or Wet sounds Icon-8X

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