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Heatercraft versus Acu-heat - are they the same?


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Does anyone know with certainty if these are the exact same products?  It appears the Acu-heat is the same as the Heatercraft model but $200 less.  Somebody asked the same question here back in 2008, but there was not a definitive answer.





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The one difference I see is that the Acu-heat unit doesn't appear to come with the wye fitting for better heat at idle, in fact I don't even see a T to tap into the water supply.  For $400+ I'd hope either of these units would come with an electric circulation pump.

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You're right about the Y-pipe.  I didn't notice that.  But that's a $55 part that could be purchased, still saving $150.  If you look really close at the picture on Skidim, the Acu-heat case appears to have "Heater Craft" stamped into it.  Obviously it still could be a Chinese knockoff.

Edit:  an electric circulation pump is an extra $150 from Heatercraft.

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The "accu-heat" system IS a heatercraft heater, not a rebranded product.  That's just the "old" nomenclature from before heatercraft went to "elite," "pro," and "sport" systems a few years ago.  I bought a 300 series system from skidim a few years ago and if it's a fake they definitely go the extra mile by including the heatercraft box and instructions.

It's the same stuff.  Remember that there's also a discount at skidim for malibu owners (I can't remember the code and even if I could it would be a violation of the TOU to post it I think... but if you call them and ask for the code they will give it to you).  I think it's another 10%?

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Thanks guys.  I'm still waiting on a call back from my dealer with a price quote for the kit itself and installation.  I do enjoy the satisfaction of doing these type of things myself though.  I also have access to a lot of HVAC knowledge at work and have been thinking about putting together my own system.  I could get a heater core and blower scroll for a fraction of the price.  I just haven't figured out any alternatives for the hot tubes.  By the time I have to buy those parts individually from Heatercraft, I might be right back at kit pricing.

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I'm sure Shawn is correct, maybe I was thinking about this one back before the new Heatercraft design. Looks like you would still have to buy the installation kit, tubes, switch, etc. http://www.boat-heaters.com/76-maradyne-marine-16-inch-stoker-heater-boat.html

I just had a 3 outlet heater installed, it was a Heatercraft I bought here on a group buy a couple years ago. Skidim is excellent to work with, I remember the discount code and just verified it..not sure if it was exclusive to TMC members. FYI - the dealer charged me 3 hours shop time for the install.


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