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Who running 2249 on 2016 23 LSV? Opinions?


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My dealer ordered my 2016 23 LSV with the Acme 2249. The current version of "hi torque" prop.   I  Have the 6.2 L 450 engine.  I will not be running super heavy (stock ballast, wake maker 650's in lockers, 4-5 people in boat) so I am concerned it may be too much prop with the change in gearing.  Still slalom ski as well so I have diamond hull.  Run at sea level basically.  I actually have the 2014 version of the "hi torque" prop that came on my VTX but can't remember the number.  I changed it out for a 1273 and never used it.   Not sure if it would make sense on the LSV.  

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I'm perext try sure the high torque in 2014 was a 1235. The 2249 is the same prop as the 1235,  except the 2249 is 15 inch diameter and the 1235 is 14.5 inch dia.  Should be a good prop for you to go footing. I would say you should be running around 4500 rpm to get 35 of 36 mph.  Take it for some spins before swapping out.  I think you will like that for getting you the best of all worlds including loading it up and surfing or wakeboarding at max weights.  Best of luck, have fun and be safe on the water!

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I am running the 1235 on a 2016 23 lsv and the the rpm's are real high. it is awesome when loading up the ballast, but it only tops out at about 32 mph at 5000 rpm's at an altitude of 1000 feet. 

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I would have the dealer switch it for a 2277. I am getting 41 MPH at 5500 RPM. I am a VLX but pulling more weight then you plan with zero problems out of the hole. I am even going to try a 2401. Any comparisons to 15 or earlier boats is useless with the gear change.

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To add to the above post with the gear change I suspect your top speed with a 2249 will be about 32 MPH at 5500 rpm. Another poster reported 3800 rpm at 22 mph unloaded with your combination. 


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