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Rear ski locker in a Response

High Altitude

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Has anybody used the rear locker in a Response for a fat sac?   Did you reinforce the bottom of the locker to protect the gas tank?  I'm not worried about the tank itself because I know I have put plenty of sacks on ballast tanks but I'm worried about the fuel lines.  Thanks.

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I have not put a fat sack back there but I can tell you that if you plan on it you will need to reinforce the bottom. How? Again, not much help, sorry. It almost feels as if the locker is hanging from the top like a tray and that there is no bottom support.

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i have not added ballast.

my '04 has a thin carpeted sheet (wag 1/4" hdpe) laying directly on top of the fuel tank.

crushing fuel lines should not be a problem as they are behind the transom panel and run under the tank near the exhaust.

i'd be weary of adding ballast w/o reinforcement. 

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If there are no fuel lines, why would somebody need to reinforce the locker?   The gas tank is the same as a hard tank and people put a lot of weight on top of those.  Honestly, I think reinforcement isn't a bad idea, I'm just curious why both of you recommend it?

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I have not taken my rear storage compartment apart, but just by the feel of it I don't think it is resting directly on top of the gas tank. More like it is suspended like the warming tray over the engine for lack of a better description. I don't think having a couple hundred pounds in it would end well.

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Base of the locker just sits directly on top of the tank.

tank has 4 lengths of rubber like material stuck to the base of the tank running front to back which sit on the 2 side floor sections either side of the removable floor panel. Over time these rubber strips flatten the carpet.

Base of the locker panel sits on top of the tank just butts into the rear lounge.

Base of the locker panel at the rear also sits on the tank. Those vertical rear panels with the sewn in pockets in the ski locker are fixed to the gunwale inside the locker and some hdpe blocks screwed to the base of the ski locker. With those rubber strips under the tank flattening the carpet, the rear fixing points of the vertical rear panels mentioned above suspend the base of the ski locker by the amount the carpet has compressed.

tank has 2  through cut outs you can fit your hand through from top to bottom of the tank. The cutouts  are evenly spaced across the top panel of e tank. These are the only things stopping the top of the tank collapsing under weight.

all the hoses & electrical connections are at the rear & behind those critical panels mentioned above.

thickness of the tank feels about 1/8" material.

only concern is mentioned above where the carpet has flattened out creating the gap between the base of the ski locker & top of the gas tank. Could remove the screws securing those vertical rear panels inside the ski locker from the base of the panel to Bae of the ski locker to allow the base of the locker to rest on top of the tank as it would have been when originally built. If you don't remove these screws, they will pull out under the weight of the ballast tank or any substantial weight at the rear for the locker like standing in the locker.

would I put a ballast tank in the rear locker. If the ballast tank is roughly the same size of the gas tank the weight would be roughly the same as a full tank of gas. I would be worried about hitting some decent waves & the shock of the impact adding to the load. Under smooth conditions with no shock from large waves, should be OK.

this is the set up on the 2011 RLXI anyway. Have had my tank out twice in the last 2 years fitting FAE & tightening the rear swim deck mounting bolts.

hope this helps

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