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High altitude 409 vs 350 monsson

High Altitude

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My lake is at 7000 ft.  I am planning on buying a Response TXI to use primarily for skiing, but also a little recreational boarding and surfing.  Every once and awhile I will pull a footer but nobody in my immediate family foots (so I'm willing to sacrifice, if needed).  Which engine is better?  I've done numerous search's but haven't seen much on the topic.   Does anybody have a TXI at high altitude?   Will the 409 allow me to get 40 mph?

Other than the top end, is their a reason to get the 409?  I have heard the 350 is stout, but what about things like 6 bolt mains versus 2, etc?  Thanks.  -Marc

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Two VERY different motors.  Other than being OHV V8's from GM, that's where it ends. 

The 350 is a GEN-I SBC that was last updated in 1996 (and even then, just to copy the head design from the 1992 LT1).  The 409 is a modern V8, coil on plug, more efficient, more powerful, much better head/intake design...it's the motor to get between the two without question.

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I can't speak in regards to your altitude,  as I'm at sea level here at home and at the lake we're only 1300'.

For what it's worth, I've got the L96 / 409 and love it for its performance and unbelive consitant tourq / pull,

through from bottom end to top end! I'm a footer so I need the speed.,   Hummmmm where have I heard that b4.... lol...

Loaded crew of four with gear and full tank, with the Acme 515, top end is 46 - 47 MPH.

I'm thinking with your altitude a litter more HP ..is always welcome!

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1 hour ago, Nitrousbird said:

Two VERY different motors.  Other than being OHV V8's from GM, that's where it ends. 

While it really has nothing to do with this topic, I found it interesting the GM just used the same camshaft lifters in both engines, even though the new engine is a completely new design.

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Everybody with a Response says the 409 is not needed unless pulling footers. 

With that said, I really want the big motor!  With a 20% reduction in HP at altitude, I just don't want to be short.  Now the problem will be availability. 

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