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Used boat warranty transfer. Worth it?

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Good news! Picking up a 14 23lsv! I was wondering what yalls thoughts would be on paying the grand for warranty transfer for only one year left on the boat. I guess that would depend maybe on when he purchased the boat to? Anyway, it does have the Corvette LS3 motor. That is my main "concern" for having warranty coverages. Not sure what would/could break that would easily cost me over a grand making it worth it. I wouldn't mind having the hull warranty though too. Any thoughts? experiences? advice?  Thanks!!!


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hey Kevin, it's Joel. I met you down at the ski shack a couple months ago. Anyway, congrats on the new boat. As far as your question goes, so long as the motor always had the typical maintenance done I wouldn't worry about that part, the ls3 motor is pretty darn tough. Can't really answer the rest of your questions other than $1000 could replace quite a few things unless it was a major item like the screen. Congrats again bud hopefully see ya around soon! Going to pick up our boat on Friday

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I haven't seen it personally at all and I think I've only read about it one time on here. I don't think it is a huge problem by any means or more people would be posting about it... the only reason I brought it up was because in the event the screen did go out I could see that as being a costly repair! Like I said though, you get through this summer and nothing happens you pretty much just threw $1k down the drain.. lol it's definitely a tough decision

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Transfer for a 14 should be $500?

Engine is around $300 IIRC.

Are the transfers worth it? IMO yes. You get more than the remaining componentry. You also get the structural. Failures might be rare, but if it does happen it's money WELL spent.

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I bought a used 2011 VLX and went with the warranty transfer to the tune of ~$1000. For my particular situation the warranty ended up covering two boating seasons for the engine and electronics with the hull being a lifetime warranty (certain items...structural). Under the warranty I had one of my deck skins replaced as it was chaffing bad against the center fiberglass walkway that goes over the engine compartment between the two sundecks. Had I been a bit more cognizant of what was going on to the edges of of my LED touch screen I could have had that replaced under warranty as several other '11 owners have. I didn't notice the dreaded screen bubbling around the edges until just after my warranty expired and couldn't get it replaced. Go figure...

So was it worth it? I guess the answer to that a question could be based on your confidence in the previous owner, the general condition of the boat, how much more time the warranty gets you, and finally, the horror stories you read on this site about what can go wrong. Personally, I'm kind of glad I did it and would have been ecstatic were I been able to get my screen replaced.


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FWIW, I just had both of my screens replaced under warranty.  The top screen had moisture in it and the touch screen was non responsive a couple of times.  If I reset the power button, it would work again but I had them look into it since its coming up on three years old and the warranty is ending.  So nice to have a good dealer standing behind their product.  They also fixed a couple seat skins as well as some other vinyl panels that had bubbles in them and a few cosmetic issues.  My warranty has been used a LOT in the last 3 years.   

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The ls3 motor is great! Through 400 hours, I never had a problem. I doubt if a motor with just 100 hours will have an problems with in the next year. 

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40 minutes ago, Cmb396 said:

1k? Is it pro rated? I just spent 500 for warranty transfer of 16 months.


The 500 is for the Malibu warranty. There is another 300 that has to be paid for the engine, and 200ish for the inspection from the dealer. 

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