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PPI 900.4 for single set of Exile XM9?


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Hi team - this feels a bit spammy but I am looking for some opinions. I have only found this discussed directly on WakeWorld and I know some of you love to chat about stereo stuff. 

SPOILER ALERT: I am a novice when it comes to stereo set ups. I have a PPI900.4 driving my stock in boats and controlling that from a Exile ZLD that I wired bluetooth to (no head unit). 

I want to add tower speakers this Spring and will be purchasing one set of either Exile XM9 or Wetsounds Rev10. I feel very strong about those.

The amp I have no skin in the game. I am skeptical that I need a syn4 or comparable exile harpoon. Would an additional bridged PPI 900.4 power these well? Just curious. Goal is to hear well at 80 feet. I know everyone generally feels strongly about what they own but just starting a conversation. 

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If you are considering the 8" xm9, then also consider the 8" Wet Sounds Rev-8. The much larger (in surface are) Rev-10 is really in a class of their own and not a fair comparison to any 8" HLCD. Much more output and deeper mid-bass then an 8" driver. Their hang height is actually not much more than the xm9 considering its a 10" speaker v's an 8". There is only about a $150 difference between the Rev-8 and Rev-10. Well worth the look. 

The long retired 2 chnl class-A/B harpoon is nothing anywhere close to the class-G/H Wet Sounds Syn-4. Besides the Syn series being an actual marine built amp and the harpoon being an automotive amp, the Syn-4 can produce 400W rms x 2 to a single pair of speaker and has a much better set of controls. The harpoons 4 ohm output is along the lines of the Wet Sounds Syn-2 2 chnl marine amp. Power wise, the Harpoon and Syn-2 are good wattage for an 8" HLCD but driving it to its potential by any means. A Syn-4 in 2 chnl mode to a single pair of 8" HLCD is way more then they need. Tuning is crucial but the extra head-room is nice. A bridged ppi900.4 is similar wattage, but the comparison ends there. For a single pair of 8" HLCD, I would consider the HT-4 (phasing out I believe) or newer HTX-4 Wet Sounds amps. Class-D efficiency and marine built with a potential of 300W rms x 2. 

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and this is why I post...did not realize the Rev10 was so much larger. Any budget amp options for a rev10? Or is it syn4 all the way and I should have cashed in on the cybermonday sale? 

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Well, the ppi 900.4 is a budget option, along with the polk pa4000.4. Both deliver similar wattage as the Syn-4. Having listened to the Rev-10 and others on these budget amps, they just sound a little "thin" at the upper volume levels as compared to the Syn-4, SD-2 and the JL 750/1 and the likes. This budget amps can make some wattage, but they are budget amps for a reason. 

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17 hours ago, BuNewb said:

and this is why I post...did not realize the Rev10 was so much larger. Any budget amp options for a rev10? Or is it syn4 all the way and I should have cashed in on the cybermonday sale? 

Simple answer. The Syn4 @ 400 watts is the best option for the Rev10's, even for the money. If you like JL more, then the 750/1 will rock them as good with a hair less power (you won't notice). Want non marine? Arc Audio KS300.4 is also viable. 

Less power will be the discontinued HT or shipping now HTX @300 watts a speaker or the XDi600.4 @300 watts... 

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