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Need Help With Low Budget Stereo Build


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Ok, My cousin has a mid 80s response

We are trying to keep this simple to operate, and be cost effective.

The boat came with

Whatever head unit. It does work.

A tower speaker set up that will be going in a dumpster!! LOL

a Rockford 12, in a box and an amp

An XDI 805 that I am assuming was running the 2 dash speakers and tower.

The 2- 6" in the dash are thrashed

What we are looking to do is

Eliminating the head unit and going with a ZLD and Blue tooth.

Last year I sold him 2 pair of Rev8 and the amp to go with them that we will put on the tower

Rockford 12 under bow.(It has been tested and is said to be good) With the existing amp.

2-6" in the dash and maybe building a mount and putting 2 more in boats at the gunwale

Running the new in boats with the XDI 805(Hopefully all will work)

What speakers should we go with in the dash?

Will a 2 sided mount be sufficient for the 2 in the gunwale(basically a face plate and a side to hide the speaker)?

I have some left over 1/2" hdpe from my build I want to use. And wrap in carpet.

Will the XDI805 run 4 speakers effectively? Is it worth it to try and run this amp?

Thanks in advance

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The Arc Audio XDi805 is a great little amp! It is a 5 chnl amp with that 5th chnl being designed for subwoofers and will deliver up to 400W rms. Its a perfect amp for in-boats and a woofer.

I would suggest a dedicated for the towwr speakers though.

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In no particular order:

Kicker KM654. Can be had in the LED version as well as come with a charcoal and white grill for your choice

Wet Sounds SW or XS-650 or the XS-65i

JL M or MX 650 with a couple gill style options


Rockford M262

Now with that said. For a dash mounted speaker, I would suggest avoiding a speaker with a white grill, chrome or stainless grill and light colored cones. You are best to go with a speaker thats not going to cause much reflection off the glass.

The KS300.2 is a solid option for the Rev-8

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Ok so we have narrowed it down to 2 choices for the in boats

1. Kicker 41KM652C 6-½" 2-way Marine Speakers

2. Wet Sounds XS-65i

These will be the only speakers driven with the XDI-805.

What do you guys say? :)


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Both speakers have similar construction, 6.5" with a 0.75" metal dome. A good balance.

The 2-ohm Kicker limits you to a single speaker per amplifier channel. That's good if that's the short and long term plan. Dash mounted speakers should be on a dedicated set of channels anyway so you can gain them differently than the rear cockpit speakers. You've got to offset that positional advantage.

I would not place a silver or even gray speaker on the dash. You'll see the reflection in the windshield and it's a distraction. So I would go with charcoal or black only. And a matte finish is better than gloss.

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I agree with David. Neither is a bad choice from a sound quality and output standpoint.

For the dash, I would suggest the SW-65iB over the XS. All though the Kicker has a gray grill, its a mat finish where as the XS silver is more gloss. The Kicker "C" gets you the charcoal grill so thats good. The XS-65iB has a black cone but still has a silver grill.

One concern i have though is the 2 ohm speaker in the dash spot. Im not worried about the 120W rms from the amp, but rather being able to gain the dash pair down enough to balance them with the main cabin pair. You may be better suited to go with the KM654CW. You can gain the main cabin to their full potential and have room to dial down the dash pair. With an EQ line driver, its nto going to take much gain for the main cabins to make full power. This leaves little room for the dash pair.

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So if the dash are on one channel of the amp (front)

and the Gunnel are on another channel. (rear)

Either set of speakers can be wired like this and play the same

Even using the KM654CW


No matter what he will not be able to fade the in boats from windshield to Gunnel.

He does not ever plan on adding to the system. In fact He was fine with just the dash for the inboats.

I have already talked him into the speakers by the seats.

The sub will not be on this amp as it will have a dedicated amp

And The tower will have a dedicated amp

All will run off of the ZLD and bt

At this point it will come down to whatever speaker he likes better?

Keeping in mind the color of the cone. We can always paint the grill.

Looks like this budget system is going to be in the $1500.00 range LOL. :crazy::Frustrated:

Am I correct on what I have stated?

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Running the source output in to an EQ zone volume controller, defeats fade, period. Any amp that gets its signal direct form the head unit and not through the EQ, will not be controlled volume wise by the EQ. So the solution for the dash speaker advantage, is to have them on their amp chnls and gain them down some.

With only 2 pair of speakers and a 4 chnl amp, each speaker would be on its own dedicated chnl. This doesnt change regardless of the speaker's nominal impedance.

With only a single pair of speakers and them being on the dash, you wont get how dominant they are. You just turn them up or down till you get the volume you like. When you have aft speakers and sit in the captain's chair, you then realize you cant hear the aft speakers. Now you see, or rather hear, why you need to be able to gain the dash speakers down some. DO you have to? no, not at all, just nice to be able to balance them.

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