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2000 Sunsetter LXI Graphics


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Hey guys, last fall our family picked up a '00 Sunsetter LXI and the graphics are a little chewed up on both sides. Where is a good place to find replacements? I checked Bake's but they only have the newer (02-04) Sunsetter graphics. I am not totally opposed to that idea, but I do like the way the current graphic looks on the creme hull (The current ones have a goldish tint to them).



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Could you try to call them and see if they have some older graphics laying around the shop?

Definitely worth the phone call. Looks like I could order some custom ones through Domed Numbers but I would want them to be raised and not just flat vinyl.

Is this the one? If not search on the site to see if you find what you're looking for.


I didn't see the decals on there that match what is currently on the boat, but there are a lot of great parts on there! These are the decals that Bake's advertises online. They may not be a bad update for the boat's look.

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This picture of the boat in the sun will give you an idea of why I like the current decals against creme hull / beige accent color. It almost ties it all in together. As you can tell I am torn on what to do.


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I can't help you but that's an awesome boat! I love my SSLXI! I like your tower better than mine too. Is that a tuna? Mine has a bit more wider leg stance, yours looks sleeker.

Thanks for the compliment! I honestly do not know what tower is on the boat, but I do like the lines and it is solid. I have been curious as to what tower it is though.

Aren't all Domed Numbers products raised (drip molded) and not just flat vinyl?

Now that you say that I think you are right. I couldn't remember how the Axis registration numbers looked that I bought through them. Even if they are raised, they only offer the style that Bake's current has (but they are much cheaper).

I can't help with the graphics, but your boat is gorgeous, I love the yellow.

Thank you! We weren't planning on buying another boat but as soon as we saw this one local to us we couldn't pass it up. We love yellow too as you can tell...

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Domed can pretty much do anything you want them to! That's the route I would go.

Which version would you roll with? Drip molded like the original or newer version that is simply black and sunless.

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Been going back and forth with Domed Numbers in terms of what the can and can not do. Doesn't sounds like the can replicate the main decals exactly but could do a gradient fade or solid color.

Since I am looking to replace these graphics, I am not looking at replacing the rear Sunsetter LXI and Exclusive US Open Towboats decals. Currently they are tan/beige. Would you use the same color or go with black?


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Because you have the beige/tan in the hull and interior I personally feel that you should keep them that color. However, if you do black n yellow for all that would look good too. I would get prints form DN for both.

If I was to go beige/tan, I am not so sure of what to do with the main decal. I guess I could do a gradient fill of tan and black...I agree with your point in regards to the decal pulling the color from the interior.

If I was to go black, I would do the Sunless Malibu in black along with all of the other decals (these would all be outlined with silver).

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Here are the proofs that I asked for. I am interested to see what you all think. I think I know which version I like but I will see what everyone says before I divulge any preference. My only other dilemna is whether to go sunless or not. 




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If I do the black, I will order them like this and not like the proofs sent to me. I think this looks better/more modern. Anyone have an opinion on sunless or not?


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My opinion.  I like the black....sunless.

I would also forgo the u.s. open stuff on the back and go with another black decal back there.  Same size as what you are considering on the side.  That's how they did it on the SSLXi's in 2002.  So maybe that's skewing my preference, but I think it looks cleaner.

Also, have you considered black with Gold outline?

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