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Interior Fix-Up Options

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Hey everyone!

I just bought a 2007 247 LSV that seemed to be taken care of, but there is some discoloration in the interior, a couple minor tears in high traffic areas, etc. What are my options to get the vinyl to look better or newer? Is the only option to redo everything for roughly $4,000?

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Here is a link for what I did, but of course my problem areas were on the seat bottoms themselves. If your tears are up on the sides or others, it could get more pricey. The fabric was so good a match that you can't tell the redone seats from the others, so I bet you could have Gabriel do just the torn areas, and you'd be golden.


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The discoloration is probably permanent. That's one of those things that happened in these years. Some say it's the glue coming up from the bottom, some say it's just the vinyl got "burned" by the heat while a cover was on it - regardless, most of the time it's not going to go away.

The best cleaner I've found (and I've tried a lot) is this one... it will at least help clean the dirty parts and bring an even color back:


As for the rips... is it "ripped" or are the stitches just coming apart? If the stitches are coming apart, that's easy. Most any upholstery shop can restitch the vinyl. It's a common thing for boats. I've done four seat cushions and my rear seat backrest (the really big one that goes from side to side and wraps around) I think I paid $500-600 for all of it over the years.

Even if there's a small rip, right by the seam, a lot of the time they can stretch that part a little bit more and resew it anyway. They did that on my rear center seat cushion, from people stepping on it all the time. Two seasons and it's still holding strong.

As for getting your vinyl like new? Yeah... $3-$4k for all new vinyl is your only hope. There are a couple of "side vendors" that people on here have used (since "he who shall not be named" disappeared with a lot of folks money) that we can get you some contact info for.

For me, I only have a couple of panels that are "burned" so I'll probably have those replaced this next off season and then worry with the rest in a couple of years. I can't stomach dropping three or four G notes all at once. lol

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In addition to what IBIP said - Mine has stained from the cover occasionally but usually goes away with a little sun exposure. Something about the factory cover these years discolors the vinyl. Also I usually stitch my seams up myself. It's really easy to do a cushion a night after work if you have a little free time. Just make sure to use high quality outdoor thread and use the same holes as the stitching before.

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