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Shout out to PerfectPass!


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Just wanted to share a very positive experience with PerfectPass this week.

I finally got to my upgrade project this winter from perfect pass plus on my 1999 Response Lx.

The phone call to order the upgrade kit (display and module) was effortless. They knew exactly what I needed to order and were very reassuring when I was ordering over the phone.

Then I was blown away when I received the package very next day!!! Wow. Ordered one day and delivered a couple thousand miles away the following day.

Thanks so much PerfectPass and I look forward to my new Stargazer Wakeboard Pro!!!

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Oh my goodness I am so sorry I hope moderator can delete those other ones.

I find most formus notoriously difficult to use on an iPhone

My apologies- from a Malibu crew noob.

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Yeah, I've never heard of anything bad regarding their CS. I've been very happy with my Stargazer GPS unit. There are a number of design improvements I think could be made (especially for the price of this thing and what it consists of). The installation manual was lacking for my application (they used a LS1 DD boat, which is a bit of a different install than on a LS1 V-drive and then had changes from that in their instructions) but I figured it out without needing their tech support. Regardless, it's a pretty good product and a must have item.

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A properly working speed control system is pretty much a must have for the watersports enthusiast. My driver went from not wanting to loving it after installed on my vessel. CS certainly is a strong point for Perfect Pass. I agree that the manual could be improved and the environmental sealing could be upgraded to more of the automotive level to provide a more robust system.

The one disappointing aspect to the cruise control supplier environment is in the tournament slalom world there is only one supplier is recognized and mandated for use in AWSA 3 event tournaments. Given the relative cost to train behind post ~2008 DBW boat and also keep up with the latest software upgrades. That mandate tends to put the financial & performance hurt on people that would like to be able to train behind older boats and have a similar feel to what they will get at a tournament which tends to impact skier scores. Kudo's to PP for upgrades that attempt to emulate the other brand, unfortunately it does not quite provide a true replication of the pull. Perhaps some more development would align them better...

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Ate you speaking lf ZO? I didnt know it was mandated and frankly it doesn't hurt me. I am just happy that my wife will be able to keep my sped somewhere between 16-40MPH

Interesting post however.

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