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2004 23 LSV graphics update.

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So we chose to get a 2004 23 LSV with almost perfect gel coat. I'd like ideas on how to best update the graphics. Maybe I'd just peel the old ones off and leave it blank. I feel like this curved gel pattern kind of limits graphics options. Has anyone else updated these boats?

The boat


I kind of like these graphics


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I've pondered this for 4 years with my '05, I also hate the tribal. I have yet to come up with a way to make updated logos look right with that curve. I've settled on leave it or wrap it. So far I've left it. That center logo is very small without the tribal, I would photoshop before doing it but I personally think it wouldn't look quite right.

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What about one of these? I like the second one. My better half suggested blue flake instead of silver or charcoal flake. Does anyone know what this blue gel color is called?



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I think the first pic looks best, second is too washed out. It would look better with a darker color imo.

Have you come across any 14/15' wakesetter graphics, or know where to buy them?

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I haven't priced anything yet. I made a few more with the 14 style graphics. I didn't spend much time on them and the colors look weird. As far as I can tell domed numbers only sells the inserts for the 2014 graphics. I think I'd have to get the base graphics from the dealer. Currently my Fav is the big malibu but not in silver. I'd either do Charcoal or blue flake.




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So the dealer is the only place to get the base graphics? I think I'm going to buy a 13' I found and wanted to update the side graphics to the newer 14/15 style.

I agree, they don't quite look right in yours with the lines of the gel you have.

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The current graphic gives it the classic look of that year boat. Definitely a good look for that gelcoat scheme. The 14-15 graphic is the second best option IMO. I have seen these look good with the 06-07 graphic too.

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I talked to Domed numbers. They can recreate the factory style 2014 graphics with vinyl. They won't be the exact same materials as the stock ones but they will have a similar look. I may go that route.

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My wife has a vinyl cutter, so I ordered some silver vinyl and cut out two different versions.

Stripped the boat nekkid of the tribal crap, left the Malibu on the rear. Put the two different logos up to see which one we liked, and we ended up really liking it nekkid.

So... off they came, and that's where we sit.

I think even with your gel lines, if you slept on it you would probably like it.



Also, when it comes time to strip the decals, try pulling up on the corner, almost like you're fluffing a bedsheet or opening the lid on a container, and NOT folding it back over itself (like, don't "peel" it off.)

When I peeling mine back it left a ton of residue. But when I lifted the end, and almost pulled towards me and "up" just a little it, it left very little residue.

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Nice looking boat! I like yours naked but I'm not sure I like mine naked. I do like the naked price though...

Actually I prefer most boats across most brands naked but I've got the curvy lines.

Thanks for the tips!

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Lifting the graphics: low on the heat gun...give it some love so it's good and warm to the touch and go slow. Use a teflon dish scraper to start a corner/side. Clean up with goof off and then cut/polish/buff to match the rest.

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My suggestion- Give nekkid a chance then if you want graphics add them. You have to go naked before you put new ones on anyway.

Exactly! I can't wait to start working on this boat.

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Toss the "malibu" logo on the back and roll out. ha

Once you get it stripped you'll can marinate on it for a week or two. If you still need something there, then order whacha want and go to town.

Regardless, I think we all agree... the tribal needs to go. :)

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Toss the "malibu" logo on the back and roll out. ha

Once you get it stripped you'll can marinate on it for a week or two. If you still need something there, then order whacha want and go to town.

Regardless, I think we all agree... the tribal needs to go. :)


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I think domed #'s can make anything you want I like these I found but it was only the bottom layer of the stock drip molded decal. I would like to get another set of the four decals and put them on. The trick on these were the install they were straight on the trailer but tipped up in the front when in the water. First pic was the stock decals that had to go.




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