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Car Stereo Equipment to be used for an outdoor island.


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I have 4 JL audio 6w3's and an old MB quart OA 800.4 ( rated at 100 x 4 @ 4ohms 200 x 4 @ 2ohms ) sitting in my garage. My son needs a project to build in his wood shop class. We decided to build a rolling island so that we can enclose a trash can and cooler along with storing stuff like sunscreen and maybe hang towels and bathing suits on the back to dry out in the back yard by our pool. After our initial design I thought it would be cool to use the old stereo equipment and mount it in the island for sound. I could buy a cheap H/U and have Bluetooth availability and pretty decent sound. My question is ( I've tried to find this online ) do they make converters that will handle the amp draw? Sorry for the longish post....but there are a lot of audio guys on here so I figured someone would know.

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I did something similar from a rockstar rolling cooler, and an igloo. Have you considered using a motorcycle battery for power? You really don't need the HU if you wire your Bluetooth input straight to the amp. Or use a bigger battery that would fit your needs. Just a thought.

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Well I was thinking about putting one of those coolers you plug in and was trying to avoid a battery but none of the transformer/inverters seem able to keep up with the amps. I guess I could get a battery and just keep my charger out there but now the parts list is getting more and more expensive.

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There are any number of AC to DC power supplies. Cascade is one brand that comes to mind. But a 29 amp power supply would NOT be enough for that amplifier IMO. For continuous duty I would double the realistic draw of the amplifier. Otherwise the power supply won't last. So I would look for a fan cooled power supply in the 50 to 60 amp range. You might have to spend a lot more.

A supplemental battery of decent size is a good idea. But when not in use, immediately remove the battery from the power supply output, in that it's similar to a charger yet a power supply is a blunt device....and not a smart charger.

Using a typical battery charger as a power supply will run it into the ground and it won't last. For this you have to get into the convertor class of charger and they're way too expensive for the job.

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Google "marine stereo". There are a ton of these HUs now days. Some have AM/FM, some have Bluetooth, some have satellite, some have an amp built in, some don't. And they can be built into the unit as needed. I looked at a Goldwing with the JBL in it recently. Very small, 2 preouts, 45 watts.

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I really want it to be plug it in and forget it kinda deal, so I'll prob stay away from 12volt stuff since there aren't any cheap easy ways to convert the power. IDK It'll take him a few months to get it built so I got plenty of time......hopefully before summer gets here though so we can use it this year.

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