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Drain for centre sac compartment

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Does anyone know if the 2002 vlx wakesetters have a drain from the centre sac walk through to the rear bilge? I can see a drain plug in there but I can remove it and it doesn't drain it almost feels like there there is nothing behind it just a panel or something...

Super annoying because my sac is leaking in there and when it rains it just fills up and has no were to drain. Anyone else had this problem?

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I have a 2002 LSV WS and there are drain plugs next to the front sac and below the engine. The plug in the panel allows water to flow aft to the engine bilge. I keep mine closed as the water from the engine bilge is less than clean and can flow forward. If you have your boat on an incline open it up and let everything drain aft.

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Where you lift up the centre compartment in the walk through, there is the section with the actual fat sack in it. There is a devider wall behind that with the ballast pumps in it and a bung in there. I took the bung out and stuck my finger through it but it feels like behind the hole it's literally just a wall... It doesn't go anywhere... Is there a way to see what's behind that? Something odd is going on behind that bung it's like it's been capped off or it's been blocked

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I had the opposite problem in mine. Water from the bilge was always getting into the locker. I ended up having to seal it off.

The obvious and simple remedy for this is to fix the leaking sac and put a cover on when it rains

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I would install a thru hull drain. That's what was done on all the boats from about 2004 up, It's an easy spot to get to and a simple project. Just buy the t handle with the garbor, correct size hole saw and a tooth paste size of underwater silicone. I would typically drill a pilot hole from the inside of the boat where you want to mount the plug, the do the main hole cut from the bottom side. Spin the saw in reverse till you start to get thru the gelcoat, then spin it in the normal direction.

Since the bottom of the boat is shaped like a spoon you will get a much drier bilge by draining from this point than from the rear of the boat. Most people i know use the center drain as their exclusive drain plug.

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