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WetSounds Issue


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First off let me start by saying I am no expert stereo install guy. General knowledge of mechanics and wiring is as far as it goes with me. So with that said, I have a 2014 24mxz and I just got my new pair of Rev10's in yesterday, worked on installing them tonight. Speakers are mounted and wired, I used the existing wires in the tower that were powering the factory titan cans. For the amp i went with the Syn4. Looking at the amplifier it seemed pretty obvious that the amp closest to me when i opened the storage compartment up was the amp running the tower speakers. So I took a few pics of how the power wires were ran and also the signals. Red and Yellow together, both blue's together, and both blacks together. I hooked up to the Syn4 in exactly the same manner. But now that i have everything wired, when i turn on the power i get a flashing green light on the amp first, and then it stays solid green. Looking at the manual it reads like if the amp is working correctly it should have a solid blue light on??? I have sound from the revs but its very minimal, almost like the only thing powering them is the head unit. And then also the 4 in boat speakers in the rear have no sound at all. I am assuming they are wired to the forward most amp? I checked the most obvious things i could think of (bad connections, screw in wire somewhere, signal wires hooked up incorrectly) but to me it looks correct. If any of you have any input it would be most appreciated. Was looking forward to showing off to my buddies tomorrow until nothing worked haha. :(

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Pics!! They help a ton and I hate factory installed product. For one you should not have more than one power and ground into the amplifier. Seems they are jumping the terminations and I frown on that.

Did you tune the amplifier after install?

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Sounds like the amp is powered up, receiving a signal and sending it out since both speakers are emitting some level of music. Have you setup and tuned the amp? All those switches and dials need to be set and tuned. First one I would look at, it the 1X/10X push button, Needs to be in the 1X position.

Actually, having a yellow and red in the amp B+ terminal and 2 blacks, is correct. The small yellow and small black are for the head-unit. The dark yellow with res strip is the turn-on from the head-unit. Malibu does this from the factory. They piggy-back those head-unit leads off the closest amp.

The 8 in-boats are all

powered by the 400.4 amp and is typically the furthest to the right. Does it have 1 pair or two pair of RCA cable to it? Did the amp you pulled out, have one or two pair of RCA cables to it?

Post those before and any after pics.

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MLA, so the yellow wire with the red and black with black will be okay? And what about the green power light versus blue? As far as tuning the amp All I have done is put the switches in the correct places according to Malibus manual that came with the amp. I'll get some photos in a bit. Thanks for the info.

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The amp's 3 power terminals are a 6 ga red battery +, 6 ga black battery - and then a 14 ga dark yellow/red strip in the terrn-on terminal.

Piggybacked along with the 6 ga black is a 14 ga black thats for the head-unit and a 14ga bright yellow along side the 6 ga red. In the tern-on terminal with the dark yellow/red is a blue that jumps over to the middle amp. Head-unit is on and amp is on, do this is all right as it was, so i woundnt dwell on it.

Syn-4 will have a green light. Solid = normal mode, flashing light would indicate a fault code

Are you fallowing the Wet Sounds manual or something from Malibu? For detailed tuning and switch settings, I would certainly talk with your retailer/installer. In the mean time, take a peak at that 1X/10X button.

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You should get with your retailer/installer. Just about everything needs to be changed, from how the speaker wires are wired up to the RCAs to the settings. I think everything is in working order, you just need it all setup properly.

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Exactly. I was thinking the same thing as I was scrolling down.

Wire strands hanging out about to short on others, wires hanging down everywhere, crossover is in "full". Never do that, it should be high or low pass.

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