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F3 euro info


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Having a debate with fellow skier about the Euro.

My take is Euro production began 1993-4, coinciding when Malibu removed wood from their boats?

Ski buddie's recollection was 1990-ish, and some had wood, as wood was deleted approx 1993-4?

Did Euro have the same bottom shoe as the skier? Is the only difference the interior?

The euro has a nicer interior than the skier, but I don't recall an different/additional bells and or whistles?

I am sure there are folks who can answer the above.

thanks in advance


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Both are in the '90 brochure and specs. Both would have had wood until the rolling changeover in the '93-94 models years. Echelon was the first model that was exclusively wood free.

Different top deck, windshield, interior, driver's seat with air bladder bolster and MEMS(?) dash system in Euro.

Read the '90 brochure. Says utilizes the same hull but makes sure to mention 4 bottom chines in the Skier description, which it does not mention for the Euro. Never looked under both myself to know.

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I had a 92, 195 Skier, this was the first year of the FibECS Chassis, no wood of any sort, and has the
same hull as the skier. Still miss the old girl today, was a great boat! :)

A little history.....
"With the 1990 purchase of Australian Flightcraft, Malibu secured its global reach. These were the premier barefoot boats of the decade. By the end of 1992, Malibu had built a new production facility in Loudon, Tennessee to accommodate the increased demand east of the Mississippi. Malibu became the first to use
computers in our initial boat design. The Echelon featured the first on-board
computer system, dubbed Computron which included the first and only LED graphic speed control. We removed all wood from the construction, and introduced the new, patented, Fiberglass Engine Chassis System (FibECS) which eliminated vibration and noise associated with the drivetrain."

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The title on my 91 sunsetter says euro f3. And that's what comes up with the hull ID.Doesn't look like one, though

And it's definitely got wood everywhere

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Yep...amazes me how much more expensive boats have gotten....90 skier about $9-10K, 98 LX with monsoon about $22.5K, 20010 LXI WITH LS3 was waaaay toooo much!! And they all do about the same thing, goes the same speed (actually the boat with the most HP is the slowest of the lot), just the 2010 likes to drink gas a lot more. But I guess that is why is has such a big gas tank!!

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