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Looking for help with the next IXFE boat design...

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After three years of essentially the same color scheme, I'm looking to mix it up. But every time I open the boat builder, I find myself falling back into my old habits (i.e. black, silver, red).

So I'm soliciting help from the TMC braintrust! I have a few ideas of my own, but I'm going to sit on those for a bit... I don't want them to influence you guys. I'm really hoping you all come up with something that sparks my interest or influences my direction.

I only have THREE guidelines....

  1. It has to be a 23 LSV,
  2. It has to look GOOD behind a BLACK tow rig, and
  3. It has to be a color scheme that is EASY to resell (the last three sold pretty quickly)

That's it! Thanks much, in advance!!


Oh... just for reference, here are my last three boats. Subtle changes, but I'm sure you'll recognize the pattern I'm trying to break.




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All of those would look great behind a black tow rig! :biggrin:

But the real question is....are you going to match the truck/trailer wheels again?!?!?! Because that looked sweet!

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All of those would look great behind a black tow rig! :biggrin:

But the real question is....are you going to match the truck/trailer wheels again?!?!?! Because that looked sweet!

Haha... I did that on my last two boats. It was fun and easy to do. I just asked Boatmate to make the wider fenders that the 18's require, but skipped their wheel upgrade (they don't offer Fuel wheels). Then when the boat arrived I matched them through a local shop. It was actually cheaper that way too!

Now with Malibu making their own trailers I don't know if they'll let me do that (wider fenders w/out one of their factory 18's). Also, we got rid of the F-150, and the new rig, pictured here, is riding on factory 22's making it impossible to match them.

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Sooooooo I have had this designed in a VTX for the crazy chance in hell we order one but I will share because I pretty much have to win the lottery that I don't play to order one right now. I go back and forth between a white swoosh and VB and a white or black hull.

And yes I think it will be easy to resell. Some people don't agree but my dealer sells a ton FWIW.


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Red and black all day! Vapor blue will get played out like orange

Sounds to me like IXFE reloads his boats yearly.........that's the beauty of getting something new or original, it doesn't get "played out" after only one year when you are trying to sell. I do like the red/black/silver, don't get me wrong. If it was me, I'd mix it up a little, as it's pretty easy to resell a boat if it's only a year old, unless the colors are brutally ugly.

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I'll say this. I've always had red & black in the past. I've never had as many compliments with them as I have had with this vapor blue one we are now replacing (with a '16 23LSV). And... Vapor blue Always looks better on the water than on the trailer.

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So lots of votes for Vapor Blue...

The only issue with that is my neighbor has a Black & Vapor VLX. So I'd rather not "copy" him.

You will get a LSV. So you are not copying ;))

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