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What battery confit?


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Curious what your setup is? I will have 4 wetsounds amps (3 syn4 and 1 syn2) and our music is always on when the boat is sitting thus, I need a stout 2nd battery. I have an XP3000 (group 31) that I can take from my trade however, I can't see how this will fit in the 15 LSV with the 2 group 24s nestled in there nicely. An XP2000 probably won't be enough however, if I went with 2 and ran them as a bank, would I be better off as I would have more juice and this way I can use 1 of the stock boxes? I am trying to sort how I do this cleanly while having enough room for the batteries and be able to secure them properly...

Thanks in advance for your thoughts...

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You wouldnt want to leave the group-24 wet cell cranking in there and wire the AGM to it anyway.

Sorry for lack of clarity...I was suggesting to pull the wet cell and use 2 XP2000s as a battery bank, allowing me to use an exisiting box/mount and then add another

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I ended up upgrading my batteries about a week after owning my boat.

I had a pair of Optima 34m's and sold them both and put two Deka Marine Batteries in there. I did a group 27 for the main battery and a group 31 for the auxiliary battery. IMO - AGM batteries are not needed unless you are mounting them on their side. Have run maint. free lead/acid batteries for the past 5 seasons....no issues.

FWIW my system is usually an Syn 1, Syn 4 and Syn 4. Comes to about 2500 watts/amps...whatever you call em.

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@ cowwboy,

The first thing we need to do clarify "mixing". Can you use an AGM on one bank and a wet cell on the other.......... sure. Do you want to wire a wet cell and an AGM together to create a single bank,,,,,,i dont recommend it. I think way to may get the impression that mixing means you cant use both types on a single boat, which is not the case at all. IMO, mixing does not accurately describe what is not recommended, and that wiring them together. To me, mixing better describes using both types on the same boat, which is ok by me. The 2 different types have different internal resistance. This effects how it charges and discharges. They also have a different static voltage when at 100%. These things make it less than ideal to wire an AGM and wet cell together. Now, some might say that having one on one side of a battery switch and the other type on the other side of the switch, would mean that would be wired together if the switch is in the combine position. This is true to some degree, but keep in mind that its not permanent and the alternator or batteries will not care when its a short term combine and they are under active load. If someone is running a traditional 1/2/BOTH switch and find they are running in combine a lot, then I would investigate a different switch scheme or battery types.

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What battery type does Malibu install in the 2015 22 VLX, flooded, gel or AGM? I am not near my boat, but need to go down and install a battery charger. Will I have to go add fluid to the batteries, or are they sealed?

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