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2003 Malibu Response


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Hey guys, new to the site. I'm looking at a 2003 Response looks super clean, 213hrs

340 monsoon.

Are there any areas I should be looking at regarding problems/issues with this era.


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Do a search for "Malibu HDS". All response models have this, it's a little box they built around the prop shaft to help dampen vibration. The model/year you are looking at was not known for issues on this but if the boat ever had a collision with the underwater running gear it can be effected. If no history of hitting under water objects then I wouldn't even worry about it.

As was mentioned, it's a great slalom ski boat. I bought a 2002 Sunsetter new and wished I would have know the response LXI was coming in 2003. I would have waited for it. Good luck, hope it works out for you.

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@Fullnoise: Are you looking at an LX or LXi? Both are great boats, probably the key in your evaluation is to determine how well the owner took care of the vessel. If winterization was needed, make sure that was done correctly.

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Great boat and year along with low hours. Here is some more info for you:


If you take a peek at the specs linked, you'll notice that the Monsoon engine was rated at 335hp that year. No big deal, but technically, unless maybe it was a late 2003 boat, it probably does not have a "340 monsoon."

Yep, I know, nitpicking!

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Thanks everyone, the boat is a closed bow,and I'm in Australia so winterisation not a prob. How do I post pics and I'll see if I can add some of the boat in question. Cheers

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Very nice! Looks like it is in great shape too. Freshen that teak up and it will be damn near perfect

I thought it looked pretty special myself.

Now to try cut a deal.

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That is the monsoon 340 for sure. Not sure if the actual spec'd hp was 340 or 335 but it's the monsoon and a very good engine. Perfect for the response line.

It might be a 340 Monsoon, but it won't be 335 or 340 HP. EngineNut has told us several times that these engines are labeled more closely on torque, not HP.

Either way, be excited, because that's a really nice boat!

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@full house: to your question - Yes. They are: 1. How much gas money do I have because I will want to spent a lot of time on and behind that boat and 2. How much time off work can I get (see question 1). Great lookin g boat.

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