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Improvements before sell?


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Hey y'all. Long time lurker, first post.

I bought a 1999 Sunsetter VLX as my first boat last year and it has been great, but looking to upgrade to an Axis T23 next April for more space. Before I list the SSVLX for sale early next spring, are there any cost effective improvements that would help with the sale? I just want to maximize how much I can get, but not invest a ton more $$$. We are pulling it out of the water this weekend to clean up and take pics. I pulled the teak swim platform and have restored that over the last few weeks. I have a new 1939 prop to change out with the 381 that came on the boat. It has a ballast system and bags, but I have not messed with them. Aftermarket amps and tower speakers are currently disconnected as well. Should I try to troubleshoot those areas? We were going to put the boat back in our lift to to enjoy during the winter months and allow for spring water test drives. People use their boats year-round here.

Other than regular maintenance during the last year, the only $$$ we put into the boat was fixing a torn seam on the rear seat, new Sunbrella cover, new head unit with BT, and the prop. We bought her with less than 300 hours on it and have put around 60 on her thus far. We have been very fortunate and she is very reliable. Couldn't ask for more in our first boat.











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Looks nice, would definitely get ballast system working if there's issues there. I wouldn't put a ton of money into the stereo if you are selling but I would get it working again. Your boat looks really clean and I think unless u were buying a project boat you would really want that stuff working (most prospective buyers)

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Your boat looks great. Anybody looking to buy a boat that needs anything fixed is probably looking for a big discount. What your boat needs should be cheap and easy to fix, relativy speaking, so do that and be patient

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I'll echo the advice already given. If I'm a buyer, the first thing I look for is things that don't work or are missing. I immediately assume if some items aren't working, how important were things like oil changes and regular maintenance? Don't give the buyer leverage in the negotiation if you are looking to get as much $$$ as possible. Stereo shouldn't be difficult to get working on the cheap. Welcome to the crew!

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Thanks for the advice guys. The ballast system was added by the previous owner so it might just be making sure I know how to use it. The stereo should be a quick fix. I could have fixed this summer, but I figured it would be easier to work on it out of the lift and without kids in my ear.

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I say clean it up really well and anything that doesn't work fix it. The ballast will be an easy cheap fix because pumps or impellers are cheap. $25 pump will save you from having to offer a big discount for non working ballast. Stereo get it working if possible without spending any money. You could come up with a buyer that is going to scrap it all and start over or they may want it fixed like it is. It would be a shame to spend $200 on an amp if the new buyer is going to start over with the stereo. Just give yourself that little bit of extra room to move when you price the boat.

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