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axis 2013 vandall edition


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Hi ,

One of my two options that am considering is an Axis A22 2013 (the other one is a sunscape) ,it comes with Monsoon 409S engine (150hrs) , vandall edition

I am going to look both this Saturday any things in particular I should check in detail for axis 2013

thanks for the help

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I would assume it comes with PNP setup/bags being a Vandall but you never know. I would also check, on anything I'm considering buying, that everything works as it should. If this requires the seller to familiarize you with how it works so be it, better to waste a little time checking everything before hand then to skip it and realize once you own it that it doesn't work.

Off the top of my head, confirm all ballast pumps fill/drain correctly, confirm cruise works, watch the dash to check engine vitals, drive at all speeds in forward, ensure reverse works without issue, check the stereo/listen to all the speakers to ensure none are blown, check operation of wedge to ensure not bent, check prop/rudder as well, check all lights, heater if optioned, etc. Basically just give it a thorough checking over. On a purchase of this amount I'd pay the small fee for a local shop to check condition, possibly compression/leakdown test, etc.

Good luck on buying....and post pictures once you do!

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Check the water/ air thermometers etc in the screen. The one I was looking at they were way off. Take good looks at all of the upholstery seams because they tend to separate make the owner fix anything under warranty.

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Also, if it has under water lights or docking lights, make sure there is no corrosion by the LED's. They should be perfectly clear. I heard the factory had a problem with over tightening the screws, cracking the case, allowing water to destroy the lights.

They are $250 a light so make sure they are good. If you replace, use a generous amount of silicone and do not use a drill gun to install. The silicone will hold them just fine.

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