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Vent Lines for Rear PnP Bags


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I have Straight Line 600 bags in my 15' A22 rear lockers and I'm tired of having to burp the air out each time I fill them up.

I am planning on running a hose from the extra top port and T'ing it into the rear tank vent line up high close to where it goes through the hull.

Has anyone done this? Any issues?

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Yep, I've done it!!! The only thing I've noticed is the bag doesn't hold pressure for obvious reasons, so don't expect them to fill until they are hard. I would run the vents as high as possible.

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Nice! So just need some hose and a "y"? Did you just cut the vent hose for the tank, insert the "y" and run a line to the bag?

How did you know what hose was the vent?

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Yeah just tie into the vent from the hard tank.

If you can add a little water in the tank you can empty it to determine which line is what. Or turn on empty switch and see if there's any air flow coming out.

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Okay, i have been waanting to do this as well. For the guys that have done this, do you loose water out of the vent? I have been on some boats that do..

It depends on where the rear locker ballast thru hulls are.


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I was originally going to Y my PnP bag vent line into the hard tank vent line really close to where it goes through the hull, but after looking at everything, I figured it would be easier and quicker to just cap the original hard tank vent line and route a new vent line from the PnP bag to the through hull fitting.

The through hull fitting is in front of the bags and isn't much higher than the top of the bags when full, so I don't think it will really matter if I route my new vent line up high and then down to the through hull fitting, or if I route it directly to it.


Update: I was finally able to put my new vent lines in and it is a lot better setup now. Now the bags fill with more water and I don't have to burp the air out and have water spill in the process. I would definitely recommend doing this.

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