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Awesome pink 22 MXZ


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I like bright colors on the water but not a fan of the shade of pink malibub went with, it seems dull. I think if it was more of a magenta it would look a lot better and a lot less like a Barbie boat.

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Afun in the house?!

Ha! I didn't want to call out him, but I did immediately think "Well, it is by Norris, and it isn't blue, wonder what Afun thinks!?"

De gustibus non disputadem est.

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That's really not that bad of a boat. Really only think pink above the rub rail will be seen on the water and that dull ski in the picture makes the whole boat look very dull.

Now I wouldn't order it but it my wife loved it, I would be perfectly fine owning that.

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Is the box for vapor blue right below pink? Misclick imo :)

And a 350? Id rather have the new 410 if I was buying a 2016.

350 on the specs must be an error, as it's not an option for 2016. The 410 raptor is the base engine for 16.

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Just my humble opinion...

The colors that are coming out today, including the metal flake are just not my style. I know some people think they are cool, but there will come a day when these colors will go out of style. I wouldn't want to be the guy selling that pink boat 5 to 10 years from now.

Maybe I'm just old school, but I prefer simple classic designs. I had a 1986 Century Cardel 22 (Basically a V-Drive Coronado), but sold it a few years ago, after growing tired of having 2 boats. I bought it because it was a classic, but also for the weekend cruises, as my Chain-O-Lakes is rough on the weekends and that thing plowed through chop like the Queen Mary. So, the Century was a classic and a real conversation piece. Wherever I took it, people would ask me about it...And that classic exhaust note from the 454 was also a real head turner. I sold it to my neighbor, so I still get to enjoy it, whenever I want.

When I bought my white & green 99 VLX in 2002, I had the dealer strip off all the decals, so it's clean and classic. Most avid inboard boaters probably know what it is, but a lot of other boaters ask me "what kind of boat is that" and they all think it's cool. I've wanted to upgrade to a newer Malibu, although I'll never buy new, as that's just my preference. I've had a hard time finding the right color and scheme for me because I want something that is classic & understated.

Again, maybe I'm just old school...

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How would one write it off?

I imagine if its used for business. Taking clients on the water/use it for charity work etc. probably have to have breast cancer decals on it. I'm not positive how it works. I had a neighbor write off an x-star because she gave lessons on it.

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I imagine if its used for business. Taking clients on the water/use it for charity work etc. probably have to have breast cancer decals on it. I'm not positive how it works. I had a neighbor write off an x-star because she gave lessons on it.

You can write off boat rental fees at $350 per hour and captain's fees at $200 per hour. But, you may have to put that amount into the company and then disburse it back, I don't recall the details. You just have to have a non-family member on board, and be able to document who it was (basically, a name of a potential client). I would assume a potential donor would be a suitable use for a non-profit.

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FYI, having a "head" on a boat makes it qualify as a 2nd home for a deduction :).

Beyond that, in order to deduct any boat use for business or charity use, you would have to purchase the boat in the name of the business or charity, as well as document the use for the business or charity. I'm almost 100% certain a private party could not legally deduct a personally owned boat on behalf of a business or charity. The possible exception being that you'd donate the boat for charity use, but then you'd effectively transfer ownership to the charity and take the NPV as a write-off.

FYI, as far as a head, I think the boat would have to factory spec'd with a head, not just something you add. The earlier to mid 2000 25 LSV's actually had a head on them. With the price of these boats today, I'm surprised Malibu doesn't spec a head on these bigger boats. Even if no one ever uses them, it still qualifies the boat for a 2nd home write off.

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