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Best 3 sport boat?

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What is the best ski/wakeboard/surf boat out there? We have an 07 vlx diamond with manual wedge,750s and a surf gate. The boat is awesome but we are racking up the hours. Looking for the next boat. Prefer 2 year old with 100 or less hours. Not brand specific but I'm a little partial to the Bu. I really like the simplicity of our 07.

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Hard to beat the VTX as an all-arounder. You'd lose a little room from the VLX though. If you want to keep the room, I'd look for a '13 or '14 VLX diamond. Probably skis much the same as your '07, but the addition of the SurfGate makes a huge difference for surfing. I know where there's a brand new 2014 VLX that the dealer is VERY motivated to sell, but it has the wake hull, which is not ideal if you like to slalom aggressively.

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Why would you think you can only get another couple years out of a boat with 550 hours? I have seen many, many boats with thousands of hours on the clock, if they are properly maintained.

I did 150 hours on the clock in the last season. I am sure that we won't average that, but 100 hours is very realistic for my future. I plan to keep my boat for 10+ years.

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i"ve heard the quality was not great 2011 to 2014. Any truth to that? Why?

I have had no issues with my 2011 or 2012 VTX. 2011 had 125 hours and the 2012 has around 300. No mechanical and one MTC replaced about a week after I got the 2011.

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I did a LOT of research prior to pulling the trigger on my '14, and I saw no negative talk about quality in that year range. Not to say there's none out there, I just didn't see it in my research.

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We primarily ski. Definitely want the 21.5 size. We are about 550 hours. I'm hoping to get 2 more years out of it.

What, so you finally got the motor broken in and you are going to sell it? Your 07 will last for another 2000 hours if you take car of it and make the small repairs necessary when they do happen. Tell the CFO and your self that you have to add a little to the budget to pay for maintenance and then use the money for upgrades since you wont be paying repair bills. Enjoy

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That 07 is one of the best years there is as far as reliability and simplicity. My 06 will have 1200 hours before I put it up in December and it has always been an awesome boat! I would prefer a manual wedge because the actuators are always causing one problem or another but that's my only complaint.

Newer boats are so expensive and depreciate faster than your 07 will. You know that your boat has been well cared for.

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I have 196 hours on my 2-14 VTX and no problems so far.

I love it, we ski and suf all the time. Just had a good outing today Latest we ever benn out on the water.

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If you primarily ski and you want opportunities to do those other sports, the VTX is where it's at. The Sport Nautique 200 is it's only competitor that puts out a good ski wake. I'm not sure what year you could start getting the VTX on the cut diamond hull (im going to guess 2009ish?) but that would be the only way to improve your ski wake. Surfgate and PnP would help with the other 2 sports. Or if you have ballast bags already, I think you're better off staying with what you have.

I have skied and barefooted behind an 07 X-2 and the 20' Tige, both were not good wakes for slalom/bf imo. The nautique hull is great but you'll need a larger engine to get the top end speed that us footers like, but that's not what you're asking.

Bottom line: I think it comes down to the VTX and the Sport Nautique 200 for your demands

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