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New Guy...shakedown run


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Hello y'all, glad to be part of the Malibu crew. This past weekend I purchased by first boat...04 Sporty. The boat only has a 186hrs, one owner and looks like it as never used. The sea trial was quick as it was pouring rain, got to take it on a cruise yesterday and there were a couple things that seemed out of the ordinary but maybe I just don't know.

first, the temp gauge climbed to about 190/200 and stayed there...thought this was high but the risers were never overly hot to the touch and the temp held the entire time, never threw an alarm. Normal?

Second, I think this may be a prop issue but when I would open it up and go in to a sharper turn, it seemed to have some vibration/rattling throughout the boat...almost like a cavitation feeling. I can't tell if the prop is original or new...3 blade.

These may be dumb questions but I am new to Malibu and trying to learn the quirks or if I should be concerned.

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My first guess would be a bad impeller with impeller chunks in the trans cooler causing it to over heat 160-165 is generally considered normal with a new impeller being @ a $30.00 diy fix. A dinged up prop might be causing the vibration. You will feel a constant vibration from just off idle with a damaged prop so it may just be cavitation.

Almost forgot, welcome to the crew.

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I'll second wdr. Temp should hold at 160. Change the impeller since it's old anyway. It should be replaced every 4 years max. Clean out the trans cooler screen (black canister on one of the hoses). Do a search on this site and you should be able to find some good directions.

Other possibilities:

Bad temp sensor - I think there are 2. One for the gauge and one for the computer.

Bad thermostat

Bad engine water pump

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Welcome to the Crew! I agree with everything posted.

You might want to check the temperature sensor. This summer we changed ours out, only to find out that auto parts store gave us a temperature sensor that regulated everything at 190. We put a new one in and it worked like a charm.

On one end of the sensor it will give the temperature the sensor is rated for 160 or 190.

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So does the vibration on happen during a high speed turn (IE power turn) if that is the case the prop can cavitate causing the vibration and it is normal in some boats my 06 Supra did this.

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Thanks guys, I think I am really going to enjoy this website...the help is great! I will take a look at a few of those items. After spending some more time on the site, I see that I could have probably searched and found what I was looking for. Hopefully I attached this image correctly...here ya go!

Picked it up in Michigan and hauled it back over to Wisconsin. Now I get to stare at it in the garage for 5 months.


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Oh that thing is gorgeous. Looks like a Response to me. :) Does sound like it is running warm. Mine originally had a 180 thermostat in it. It liked it when I changed to a 160.

Have fun,

Steve B.

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Sweet boat!! They ski great. I ski one regularly during the season. Congrats on the purchase and welcome to the crew!

Regarding the temp, I agree with all previous comments. The vibration could be any number of things. Tough to tell via description only.

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get under the boat, Er...uh...wait....WELCOME to the CREW! now back to my reply.

Get under the boat and with a long straight edge, hold it against the tracking fins. what you should have is fins that are not bent and fins that are in a perfect line.

sometimes if the fins are out of whack, they will cause "Growling" in the prop and will also cause what you are describing, also look for cavitationj burns on the leading side of the prop blades which can be caused by mis-aligned fins or a nick or bur in the strut.

While you are inspecting the strut, make sure it is tight and that the bolts are not loose.

while you are checking for loose bolts, make sure that EVERY hose clamp is snug. If there is a loose hose clamp before you get to the impeller housing or the engine water pump, you could be sucking air and not water, which in turn could cause you to have a high temperature reading.

Does the boat have a heater in it?

if so, does it have a higher temp thermostat installed to make for hotter heat?

I believe it comes with a standard 145 to run at 160 or a 160 to run at around 175-180. (but I am not 100% sure on my last comment)

And yes, time to change out the impeller , and ALL Fluids so that you can start out with your own baseline.

Good luck with the new boat. and again, welcome aboard!


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