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Unfortunately...I have a tear in my rear back rest that is about 2 inches from someone dropping a surfboard. Pretty upset but sh*t happens... not the end of the world. Anyone have a quick idea how to remove the backrest? the rip is where the orange line is...


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If it is anything like mine, you will have to take quite a bit of stuff off to get the back rest out. There is no "quick and easy" method. Take you time and give yourself some room to maneuver and store the removed parts.

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Remove the bottom seat cushion and then you can access the bolts that hold the rear cushion on. You will need to contort your body into various uncomfortable positions, so a few drinks will be required... take your time and lots of deep breaths. When i took mine out I scratched my hand on the scews that are poking out back there. I hate working on boats.

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Ask your dealers in the area about vinyl repair. It's usually done by a guy who will come to your location for the job. And if the dealer is recommending them, they have done a good job in the past. It's definitely an art.

On a 14 yr old boat, in an area that doesn't get walked on, and isn't on a seam, it should be a good option for you. I've had it done on a direct drive engine cover & no one could tell if I didn't show them.


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I had a similar cut in the same area on my boat (2002 VLX). The vinyl repair person stitched it up, then covered is with vinyl repair and cured it. It has been OK for 6 years. I would not remove that backrest unless you really had to.

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I personally wacked the vinyl side rail on my buddy's Sportster in his 1st month of ownership. Dealer had their vinyl repair guy fix it, hasn't failed yet (that's what friends are for, right?)

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This guy does a great job. You won't know the damage was ever there, aside from the fact you will know the damage was there.

Fibernew (248) 342-5004 www.fibrenew.com/clarkston-royal-oak

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