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Oil change & Cover

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I have the same boat. If you have the Moonsoon 340 with Cats you will need to not only change the oil with 10/40 you will need to change a tiny fuel filter under the snap ring on the orangish red fuel line. If fogging is important to you, spray it into each plug hole, not into the intake manifold or you may damage the Cats. Otherwise it is your standard procedure for indmar.

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Just did this for the first time yesterday:

take out the bilge plug next to the transmission and route the oil drain hose through the bilge plug and onto a oil pan...it'll take a while to drain (or use a mightyvac to suck out the oil). The oil drain hose is the loose hose clipped to the top of the motor and has a brass nut on the end of it. After that, I used a large ziploc bag and unscrew the oil filter to fall into it...no mess whatsoever if you're careful. I then filled the new filter with 1/2 to 3/4 full of fresh oil and screwed back on (put some oil on the seal as well). Then pour in the proper amount of oil. I had 2 gallons of pennzoil marine 15w-40 (indmar recommended per the manual) on hand and used most of it except a couple quarts. I then ran the motor to get it up to temp and remeasured the oil, add as required. Don't forget to check both tranny dipsticks as well.

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FWIW, I just changed my oil out today. I can't seem to find Pennzoil Marine oil anymore (local West Marine went belly up), nor even Pennzoil Heavy Duty Diesel 15W-40. I've been using Rotella-T instead.

The Pennzoil oil filter doesn't get high marks. Mobil M1-111 is a better quality option.

If money is not an issue, go with an Evolution Cover. The only drawback is that, the way it is designed, it doesn't provide adequate cover for the transom and swim platform (though, for a little extra money, Corey

can provide an add-on option to rectify this). I just throw my old Great Lakes cover, which does cover the transom and platform, on top of my better cover. That way, all the dirt, dust, and bird poop accumulates

on the older cover, leaving the underneath, more expensive cover, looking practically brand new. Of course, my boat lives on a covered lift at a marina 24/7/365, so lack of transom and swim platform protection

from sunlight is more of an issue for me than for most.

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I ordered all the required supplies from Bakes: Oil, Oil filter, anti-freeze, Impeller, fake a lake. free shipping if over 99$ which it will be if you buy the fake a lake (49$). There's a plethora of other oils you can use and there are a variety of threads relating to this. Personal preference but it was easy to order the indmar recommended oil so I went with that.

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Great thanks for the info. Researching covers spoke with Corey at evo and mike at ski outcomes.com. Both great service and helpful. Now I just need to make a decision.

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i had trouble finding the Pennzoil, so i bought the Rotella at Walmart. You can buy it in a gallon container or quarts. It was about $4 a gallon less at Walmart than the auto parts store.

Agree 100% on the Mobil-M1 filter.

You also need to change the transmission and v-drive fluid. Recommended way - suck out the fluid using whatever method works best for you, measure it, then add that amount of new back in. I have tried a turkey baster, small hand pump and another bulb style, and just ordered a MityVac (mechanical) for the fluid change. My 2008 uses the same fluid (Dextron) in both, but confirm what you need.

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