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2015 Hydrofoil Video -Pine Lake Hydrofoloosa


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Hey everyone, Nuge finished up the video already! Another great fly-in, loaner G25/G25 and we even put a super fly high on the G23 and used it for the big air comp!

If you're on Facebook be sure to like it too!


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That no hands front roll at 5:17 was so sick!! Well done with the slo-mo timing! Great vid. Looks like a fantastic time.

Haha, so sick! Andrew from Nashville. You can add a floater or no hander to any trick. But Andrew is the only guy I've ever seen do a floater front flip!


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Awesome vid. What speed do most ride at?

Beginners start out at like 12 or 15 mph. Most average guys probably 22 - 25 mph. Really good riders sometimes 28 - 30.

But just like other disciplines, there things like line tension and a powerful cut that contribute to big air. And in the case of a hydrofoil, the dip, starting with the board high, then timing the jump so the wings exit right on the crest of the wake.

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Where do I get the helmet the guy is wearing at 1:25?

I think Ferney wears a ShredReady, but be careful with those as the strap/tension system has a cable (sort of like a boa system) that has taken a chunk of ear off one of our local riders during a big crash.

Mouthguards and ear plugs are pretty common too.

Floater front is a crazy trick, I don't know how many hundreds of fronts you'd have to nail to be comfortable enough to let go mid trick.

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I think we had about 60-65 riders, the evening kicker sessions are a ton of fun. 15-20 people on the tri-toon with a huge tower and 300hp outboard. It has a tiny wake at speed so guys can rail a double wake crossing and hit the kickers.

I'm not at the level to try that yet, maybe next year. Need to practice kickers at my home lake with a smaller crowd first!

Apache lake fly in had even more riders, don't be afraid to attend one of these events if your a newbie. You will learn a ton and see so much great riding you'll be hooked even harder. Whether you're just learning to get up, starting to jump or trying to land your first front flip the level of encouragement and cheering from the boat when you succeed is the same.

And the crashes are always good if you don't...

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