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looking for 2nd oil extractor

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I've been using the mityvac oil extractor for past 3 years, and it is no longer usable. Lasted around 5 oil changes. :mad: What started happening is the pump handle, when trying to create a vacuum, would suck oil up from inside the tank and shoot it out the seam around the handle, spraying me and anything within 3 ft in oil. Luckily I discovered this while servicing some yard equipment today and not in the boat next weekend. Since the pump is inside the oil reservoir, some seal must have given out. Thinking this style extractor will always be susceptible to this.


Thinking of moving to this style, since the air pump is not submersed in the oil tank. Anyone have experience with this type?


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I had the round one for 6 years, until it failed. I have been using a pump powered by an electric drill. I liked the tank on my old pump, but it was much slower than the drill pump.

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I have the round Pela one. It works okay. I did have an issue. On the top of the tank is a thin rubber gasket (the size of a dime) that seals the unit and creates the vacuum. Mine tore. I called mfg and they sent me another one. I now keep an extra one around.

The gasket probably costs just a few cents. IMO, the unit should come with an extra one.

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Hmm. I have two of the top style, one a 3L (made by Moeller) and the other a 6.5 (with a West Marine label, but not sure who the real manufacturer was). I've been using both for many years.

No problems yet, but thanks for the heads-up.

I use the 3L one for the transmission fluid change (started using this one for oil, but the extra step of pouring out the first 3L so I could continue pumping out the rest of the oil eventually led

me to purchase the larger one). Since I have two, I use one for ATF and the other for oil.

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I had the round one for 6 years, until it failed. I have been using a pump powered by an electric drill. I liked the tank on my old pump, but it was much slower than the drill pump.

do you have a link to the drill pump? How much slower are we talking here? doing 2 oil changes a year on the boat, an extra 10 minutes isn't a big deal for me.

I have one like yours, it has worked fine for a decade plus. I never let it get much above two thirds full before emptying.

I think that may be my problem, that caused the failure. I had it pretty full and then let it sit for a few months before dumping the oil at auto zone.

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I just ordered the MityVac 7400 - so lets hope they last. The on-line reviews were either love it or hate it.

I only need it for transmission fluid.

I have the oil drain line that is thru the hull and it is sweet! :clap:

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The drill pump I use was given to me by my father in law. Honestly it isn't something I would recommend because it seems like a disaster waiting to happen. The extraction hose dumps into an oil pan on the swim platform. I will probably buy another oil extractor, I just think they are overpriced. I would not buy the round one again because of its limited capacity.

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I bought the Jabsco Impeller Pump with a 3.5 gallon bucket oil extractor. My oil pan is bone dry in less than 2 minutes. It's $200, but it has been the easiest oil change I've ever done. Thanks DocPhil!

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I have the mightyvac but the one that is powered by shop air.

If you have an air compressor it will be as easy as any other and definitely the most reliable. No electric motor, no impeller, no pump.

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