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bubble in dash vinyl

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I've got a black dash, and on the drivers side up near the windshield there is a bubble that inflates when the dash gets really hot - like yesterday when it was sunny and in the 80's. Not sure how to fix this other than removing the dash and trying to peel it back and reglue, or just poking a pinhole in it so that it can vent. Anyone seen this happen before?

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I have it happening in the bow seats, a the back rest. Very similar where it looks like the glue just gave away or the vinyl shrunk a little a pulled out. I'm under warranty so it should get fixed in the spring.

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Pretty new to Malibu and amazed at the issues that are just swept under and joked about. A high dollar boat with proprietary parts, Vendors with contracts forbidding them to work the customer. Vinyl that shouldn't be exposed to the sun for too long. Not sure I threw the money at the right item

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On my third malibu, never experienced this before and it gets 105+ here during the summer. I don't think it's the norm. I also have had tinted windows in all my boats, it does help reduce heat and uv on the dash, maybe this has something to do with it.

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What about using a small hypodermic syringe with glue? Poke the hypodermic needle into the bubble, inject some glue, massage it around the bubble, squeeze out and wipe off the excess and let it dry. With no air to expand it should stay flat.

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For me, it's not worth the trouble to mess with. A hypo may help to vent the bubble so it won't rise as much, but getting the glue into a syringe to inject would be like shooting concrete through a garden hose. :)

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My current thought without really looking close at it yet is to hand thread a small drill bit from the bottom of the dash so that the pocket can vent. Haven't taken a close enough look at it to see if that'll work.

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If your '12 is anything like my '10 you will pay hell trying to get the upper dash pad off! 2 screws have to be removed from the top inside of the bezel and then 2 nuts have to be removed from the bottom bezel bolts that are underneath the lower dash pad behind the steering wheel. Then I have to roll the bezel out with out breaking off the 2 epoxied on lower bolts and without scratching the hard plastic dash base in front of the bezel. Then with contortionist like moves work you hands underneath the lower dash to remove the screws that hold the actual upper dash panel onto the lower dash. You may be able to accomplish what you want by just removing the bezel, but I doubt it. Good luck.

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