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Fun on Dads boat!?

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Could be photoshopped. Note that there is no definite edge between the water and any recognizable fixed part of the boat. Also it's framed very carefully so we don't really see the water level on the outside relative to the gunnels.

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I think he might be on the marijuana.

Don't do drugs kids.

dude...a comma would have worked wonders here.

you realize that there are massive differences in connotations between

dont do drugs kids


dont do drugs, kids

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I've never felt sad, wanting to throw up, and punching a DB in his mouth hole all at the same time....until now!!!


As I was reading this I was thinking "my natural reaction is that I want to punch this guy in the throat"

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I'm pretty sure if there was that much water in the boat it would be sitting level. It's a sad day for that boat if it is real. Maybe it will end up in a project thread on here.

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That could be real. I am not convinced its not. Being pulled by the boat in front would create a little bow rise.

EDIT: The look of glazed eyes could be the Mary Jane but it could be the look of "waddyagonnado?" . I know I have had that look before and this situation would definitely be fitting.

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Too me, it looks like there could be a couple photo layers going on there. If it is indeed real, they thought of everything to make it realistic such as beads of water on the cushions that are leaning against the driver seat.

Although, the water in the boat look like it's actually from a picture on a beach. unleas that lake water is absolutely filthy, there should still be 80-90% transparency. You should clearly see the floor, seat bases, and the guys right leg very clearly.

I used to do photoshop work btw, and this would be fairly easy to fab up.

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If that's photoshopped, then someone spent a lot of time on it making all the shadows line up and everything. It would take a lot of convincing to get me to believe this isn't a real pic.

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If that's photoshopped, then someone spent a lot of time on it making all the shadows line up and everything. It would take a lot of convincing to get me to believe this isn't a real pic.

People assumed I was kidding on my previous post, but I put this link in:


Which goes to show that this photo does not appear to be manipulated - there is really only one place it looks to be edited, and that would be the lid of the cooler. (maybe covering up a sticker or something?)

**Edit I do agree that the framing is suspicious, but it would be a pretty good photoshop if its fake!

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Wow it is real, it's not too hard to find out who's boat that was on Instagram and wakeboatporn hahaha.

Im guessing the problem is when people have a small engine and need to add crazy amounts of bow ballast just to plane out.

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I've been friends with him on Instagram a long time. Long before the boat sank. It was bought NOT with daddy's money. Kid works for everything. Has an MB now that is for sale. I don't understand why people jump straight to the conclusion that it's daddy's money? I bought my first boat at 18 with my own money. And yes, it went down from a ton of weight.

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My first thought when I saw that pic and his sh!t eating grin was that he's had too many beers and is peeing in the photo...........that's the only satisfaction you'd have at that point!

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It's daddy's money. Whether daddy pays for school, food and board leaving him enough left over money for the boat, or daddy bought the boat for him outright. I've worked for everything as well.. It takes a long time to have enough money to drop 40k + on a boat. That's of course unless he rips hard enough to be sponsored.

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