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2014 MXZ Carpet Logo / Replacement Snaps

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On my 14 MXZ, the WS Logo started to separate from the rest of the carpet. I received a warranty replacement (don't love the design, but such is life I suppose) but the snaps came in a little baggy (not attached to the carpet). Any suggestions how to best apply the snaps?

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Needs to be by an upholstery shop. There is a swaging tool that attaches the snaps to the carpet. Obviously you'll have to lay out and mark the location of the male studs that are on the floor of the boat

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You can do those yourself but as with most things you'll need the right tool. I did my carpet last season and bought the Sailrite tool which made installing the snap pretty easy.....


The hard part is lining up the carpet correctly over the existing male snap head already in the floor. I would suggest getting spare female snap heads as it take a bit to get used to installing the snaps and I did mess up a couple along the way.

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Thanks! I'm wondering if I can use the old carpet as a template. Sort of discouraging that I need to spend $150 on a tool that I'll only use once for a warranty situation.

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Based on my experience the cheap tool would be a mistake. If you were putting snaps in canvas or something thin or maybe had one snap to do the cheap tool would be fine..... maybe. Carpet, at least mine was challenging due to the thickness and density.

When I did mine I laid out the carpet and left it in the sun for a couple hours to let it relax as mine had been rolled up and was stiff. Once it was flat and pliable I adjusted it on the floor to where it looked right. I started installing the snaps at the center back of the carpet then moved outward stretching/readjusting the carpet as I went.

When locating and preparing the snap for installation I used an awl to find the center of the male snaps then pushed it through to locate and make the hole for the new female snap. I then installed the snap, snapped it into place in the boat then moved to the next working from the center out. Even with the heavy duty tool getting the snaps set can be challenging. As stated earlier I would recommend getting some extra snaps in case you screw some up.

If this is a warranty claim I too am surprised they won't install these for you. Although unless they know what they're doing you may be better off doing this yourself.

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I'm in the identical situation with my Mxz. The Hoover press n snap is what we both need. My dealer in Durham basically said I would have to order the tool and do it so I have brand new carpet sitting in the garage right now. Which lake do u go mostly, one I use most is Jordan

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My dealer is in Durham also. I asked them if they had a tool that I could borrow, but no reply..

I used to live in Fuquay and frequented Harris (Jordan sometimes). I moved to Lake Royale last year so that's where my boat stays now.

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