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Spray motor down with oil for storage?

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Hey everyone.

On my sunsetter the Manuel says to spray the motor down with a protective oil for winterization.

any advise on that? What type of oil? Is this a mess to clean up in spring or does it burn off.??

any help is appreciated. Thx

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Seems like a total pain to clean it up....and not pleasant to smell it if you decide to let it burn off. Would collect all kinds of dust, etc.

If the manual says to do it, it seems like it is one of those things that they suggest (along with greasing starter bendix and cleaning the transmission screeen) that no one really does.

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I agree total PITA to clean up afterward. Plus potentially tracking it all over the carpet etc... I do use the dry film silicone CRC spray to spray down various exposed nuts, bolts and electrical connections. It isn't greasy like WD 40 and won't get rubbed off or transferred to another surface like WD does. It will leave a grey film if used on some surfaces but IMO overall a better option than WD.

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I see no point in it at all. Our boat engines exist in a near perfect environment - dry, clean etc.

Compare it with the engine bay of your car that is exposed to rain water, puddle spray, mud, maybe salt etc. Do you spray oil on your car engine?

I've never put any protectant on any of the engine bay parts on either of the boats I've had and the engines remain pretty much immaculate.

UPDATE: I should have noted that my comments are probably not valid for saltwater environments... :)

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i do all my boating in brackish water so after every trip I give the engine a spray with WD40 after I've washed it off.

I e seen what brackish water can do to engine mounts and sumps if not looked after.

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I have always sprayed down my jet ski engines with wd-40 before salt water use but for boats used in fresh water seems like overkill ....especially

since the boat engine compartment stays pretty dry.

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I used the mercruiser storage spray once and found it to be sticky and really attracted dust. For fresh water apps I would just do a good job of drying and humidity control. Salt water/brackish I like the WD suggestions. I would only use the storage spray again if I was laying up for many months/years in an uncontrolled environment. BTW I think I still have half a can if anyone wants it!

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I spray a light coat of corrosion guard (Typically Mercruiser or Honda brand) on my motors when winterizing. I make certain no spray gets near the intake filter or the alternator. The product does leave a tacky film, but keeps everything looking new and is easy to remove if needed.

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Are you also taking each spark plug out and squirting a shot of fogging oil in each cylinder then putting them

back in.

Yep. Then give the key a quick turn (with kill switch activated) for short motor revolution to distribute fogging oil

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I spray a light oil like WD40 on a rag then wipe down the engine a couple times a year just to keep corrision down and keep the engine looking nice. I know a bit over the top as my wife would say. It does work though. Spraying the oi on a rag instead makes it easier to only apply oil to the parts you want it on and not things like belts or pullies. I wouldn't recommend spraying oil directly on the engine or using a heavy weight oil unless you were storing it for years.

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Unless you are running in salt of brackish I would limit that to any areas that appear to be starting to rust. Motor mounts and other places that collect water is a good place to start.

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Recently there was a post here stating that WD 40 does nothing to inhibit rust. Check it.

yeah, i remember reading that to. The discussion was WD-40 traps existing moisture against the metal, vs removing it. I to would like to coat parts of my engine. My last malibu had rust on parts of the engine, mostly the block. That was there when I bought the boat. I'd like to stop that from happening to my new boat.

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