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2007 23lsv ballast locker drain location?

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Where is the location of the drain pump for the rear lockers? I couldn't find it anywhere... If I remember correctly It might be below the floorboards (I know that the newer models have a raised floor area where the drain is, but mine does not). How do I actually get to it?

I was out this weekend and had my left side filled plus a piggyback bag with 800lb of water. I go to try and drain it and the pump isn't turning on. DOH! Luckily I had some adapters from other external bags and put those on the bag and used an external pump to drain it. The stock ballast is still full and the boats sitting funny on the trailer, but its not too bad.

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you have to find and remove the screws along the motor side edge. I was able to flex the floor up, hook a bungee to the corner and wrap the other end around the pylon. Then snake my way across from the other side across the silencer and very uncomfortably perform my repair. I did that just once. In fact I don't think I put the floor back down before cutting it. I attached hinges on mine and ran a screw half way in for a pull tab.


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Once I remove the motorside screws, is the drain on the front or rear of the locker? Is it on the motor side or the opposite of the motor side.

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Once I remove the motorside screws, is the drain on the front or rear of the locker? Is it on the motor side or the opposite of the motor side.

See the first pic I linked above. It's on the transom side and 90's out of the center of the tank so the pump is closer to the engine.

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Worst fix ever. Spent FOUR hours doing this. The actual replacing of the pump was super easy. Removing the floor and then putting it back in was nearly impossible. The center divider panel (under the back seat) squeezes the floor so tightly and on top of that there were 2 screws that were literally hidden. Almost directly under the center divider and completely covered in carpet. I thought the 2 screws I needed to remove were the ones that attach the center divider piece to the floor.

Even after all the screws were taken out, it was hard to get the floor to move out. Then putting it back in, was nearly impossible to squeeze the floor into the space between the center divider and metal frame below it. There is just basically no room to get comfortable and get leverage in there.

Anyways, next time I'm not sure if I will just cut the floor and make a access door.

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