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Bypassing Kill Switch - 03 21 XTI

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What's the best way to bypass the kill switch?

There are 2 purple wires and 1 purple/black wire....can I just connect them or do they need to be terminated at the switch?

Appreciate the help!


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I moved the switched wire to the other terminal of the safety switch so it was always by-passed unless, by accident, you bumped the switch with your knee. It is the easiest way to by-pass it and is also easy to put it back to the original position if you ever need to.


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The back side of the switch is a 4 square post set up. Just swap the wires to the opposite posts and you're done.

I did that a looooooooong time ago.

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  • 3 years later...

Can someone confirm, that with the above kill switch setup (2xpurple 1xpurple/black wire on a 4-terminal clamp-Style switch) connecting all 3 wires together will bypass the kill switch?

A buddy of mine is trying to solve a non-start issue on his 03 LXi with the Monsoon engine. His gauges are not coming on, engine cranks but won’t start.

After pulling all 3 wires from the kill switch and putting them all together he popped 2 fuses (obviously the main breaker and the one that feeds the horn).

I promised to come to the rescue, but wanted to get a bit better educated on the whole process before I show up at his place. (Already printed out the “No Start Troubleshooting” sheet.)

Thanks and Cheers,




Quick follow up on this...

On a 2004 (initially I thought my buddy’s boat was a 2003) Response LXi with the 4terminal clamp style kill switch, 3 of the terminals are used. One has a connector with 2 purple wires, one has a connector with one purple wire and the 3rd one is a connector with just a black wire. The connectors with the purple wires are plugged in on the kill switch adjacent to each other so when the switch is pressed, the circuit between these cables is closed.

The black wire is ground and actually not needed. The single purple wire is coming from the ignition switch and has switched power to it. The connector with the 2 purple wires feeds the gauges and (most likely) the fuel pump. So to bypass the kill switch you would have to connect all the purple wires together. (Again, black wire (ground) is not needed.) connecting all of them together will pop a few breakers, as my buddy discovered. :lol:

We hooked up a new kill switch and all is good.

(Except for the boat still not starting, but that is a different matter.) :(

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