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Putting stereo on switch instead of ignition?

t a

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Would this be really easy to do? I hate my perfect pass being on with the stereo with the key in ACC. After about 20 minutes, the PP will start beeping like crazy. Or even better, can I take perfect pass off ACC? I've never wired an ignition switch so don't know if that would be a matter of removing one wire or what? Thanks for your help!

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yes, it is easy.

You just need to wire the red wire on your stereo to a switch. Have any unused switches on your dash? Acc, etc? You can definitely just run the red wire from the head unit through one of those.

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I left PP on the ignition switch and put the sound system on a separate switch. Was tired of killing the tunes every time I picked up a skier or surfer. Now that you bring it up maybe I should put the PP on the same switch. Does anyone know if that would screw up the PP servo tightening/servo?

Just look under the dash and trace the wires. You don't need to go back to the source (stereo head is hard to get to) but can usually move or cut an splice under the dash. Like wood working, think it through twice before you cut.

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Interesting that Malibu put the stereo power back on the key. My '00 has a separate switch on the dash, independent of the key (I like it that way).

+1. Our '96 is on a switch, my new Axis is not. Will be correcting that this winter as I much prefer it that way.

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Quick question on how the ignition works, if something is wired to the ACC post, is the circuit completed when the key is turned to ignition also? Or would there be to seperate wires (one for each post)?

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Find it odd that perfect pass would be on the ACC terminal and not the IGN terminal of the key switch.

@ ta, yes. ACC is hot in both ACC and RUN positions. and yes, there is a separate terminal labeled IGN, thats only hot in RUN, not ACC.

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