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The Witness is back!


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Super pumped about this. Used to ride a Witness several years ago, then moved on. Went to buy another one this past year, but they only had the Witness in a grind package for parks. :(

Hem'd and haw'd about what to get in its place. Ronix District, LF trip etc.
So I ended up with a Trip at the end of season pricing (going to give it it's first ride this weekend, stoked about that.) And I'm looking forward to seeing how it performs. I've heard nothing but good things (since I'm getting back into riding more now, and I'm not a big "trick" guy at the moment.)

ANYWAY, the point to this thread - LF is bringing the Witness back in a normal riding base for 2016.


I'll definitely be picking one of these up during the off season when they start stocking them. This gives me a happy! Now I just have to figure out what bindings/boots I want with it, since I went with the LF Index Bindings for the Trip, and I like them, but they're just entry level type bindings.


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I've been riding a 144 Witness with OT Vantage bindings for years and it's starting to wear out*. This is awesome news, I think I just found my Christmas present to myself: a new 144 Witness with CT Vantage bindings.

* I know boards don't wear out, but they take a beating and it helps me justify the purchase.

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I saw this too. I rode a Witness for several years, and it was always on the top of the list when recommending boards. Such an easy shape to ride. Think I might give one a ride again and see if I still like it. That and its nice to ride something different. Almost everyone I ride with has the same board.

Mikeo, boards do wear out. The cores get soft and lose their pop. Hop on a fresh one, you will certainly feel the difference.

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Oh cool! I have been riding a Witness for like 6 years now. It's perfect. Bought it at the boat show and Ben Greenwood signed it for me right there! He listened to how I ride and what it felt like and what my complaint was on my current board and said I sounded like him and should try this board. Wow was he right. I've been bummed it was only a grind package for a while now. I kind of wanted to retire the autographed board and give it a shiny place on the wall! Now maybe I will.

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I used to have a "Trip". How does this compare.

It's really hard for me to say. I haven't ridden a Witness in several years.

But I have a friend that has a 2012 witness and I have the Trip - might ride both this weekend and let you know what I think of the direct difference (if the weather holds out.)

For me, the Trip even without the center fins is still super stable and easy to land. It has a nice edge, quick cuts, and does surface spins really easily. Nailed my first surface 360 on a trip a couple weekends ago - it was the first board I felt comfortable enough on to try it. It's a continuous rocker, so I can see where a pro would want something a little more aggressive for cutting and launching. But I've let 3-4 people ride it that are more advanced than I am and each one was like "dang, this thing is super fun to ride."

The thing I liked about the witness I used to ride, and this is probably more attributed to my riding style than anything, was it felt like it carried speed up and across the wake a little more effortlessly. I think the Witness is like the "Trip Sr." for when you want a little step up.

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