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Wet Sounds Black Box and Remote


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I asked Tim at Wet Sounds for some better photos of the Head Unit and Remotes. Felt that this was important for those considering a new boat boat purchase and going stereo delete. I do not have any indication if this will be MALIBU OEM.



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Interested to see how this lands on price vs the kicker kmc20. I like the fact that the kicker doesn't require a black box at all, but absence of iPhone compatibility seems like a big limitation.

I have not heard of this one and can't find anything online about it. Is that the model number?

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Interested to see how this lands on price vs the kicker kmc20. I like the fact that the kicker doesn't require a black box at all, but absence of iPhone compatibility seems like a big limitation.

The KMC20 does have a "black box" although its actually silver. Its the KMC10 thats all self-contained.

Which unit is not i-phone compatible?

@ Murphy, The new Kicker KMC20 is the OEM source unit for Axis 2016. Its also on Epic and was on Supreme last year. Its releasing as an aftermarket 4th qtr 2015.

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I wonder how easily you can control the different zones.

I hope it has the same DSP capabilities as the new amps.

I would love to be able to have the black box right by the amps and I bet it is a buss communication between the two so no noise going from the driver side to the amps.

That'd be awesome to ditch my rockford 3sixty also.

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Is that head unit the same size as the head unit that was in the 2015 Axis boats? Sorry, can't remember the brand that came stock in the Axis.

And would that unit negate the need to add a seperate WS 420?

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I thought that the kicker is not iPhone compatible (via USB)

Hmmm didn't realize there was a black box with the kicker.

I don't know about USB but the kmc20 worked awesome via Bluetooth. I have an iPhone 5s.

The new WS equipment looks sweet

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This was posted on WW. Tim does not post on TMC per the TOU,s

Sitting at the airport on way home from IBEX show.

We will be releasing more info soon on price and dimensions and full specs. This has been a many year project for us. We are very excited to get this out there!

My goal with the unit has been a high output super clean, super simple to use, no bs unit. You will have a high end sound, high voltage output clean at any level all the way to max volume unclipped. And none of the stuff like rock concert, jazz hall, crazy boost settings, complicated menus, 100 page manual to figure out how to connect BT and so on

Here is a quick rundown. The Media Center is a black box brain unit with master full color display and ability to have 3 transom remotes.

AM/FM/weather band, aux Input, Usb with Apple and android support, Bluetooth 4.0 with CSR chip with APTX codec, Sirius/XM ready, Pandora ready, Spotify Ready (so if your streaming pandora, all information and cover art shows up on the screen and you can thumbs up and down from the unit)

4 zones of 4 volt RCA outputs. All uclipped at max volume for easy system tuning and clean signal no matter what! All 4 zones can be re named, Tower, Boat, Sub and Bow for example. Master Volume with seperate easy access independent zone control. So yes like a 420.

Ability to preset 3 volume profiles and name them. Wake, Party and Chill for example. Set towers at 100%, sub at 75%, boats at 50% and bow at 25% and then save that profile as "wake". Master volume will then track volume up and down but will not go past % setting for each zone. Example: tower is 100% so master volume will track that from 0-100% of the volume and reach 100% when radio is on max level of 40. Boats are set at 50% so master volume will track 0-50% for this zone. When master is at max of 40, boat zone will still be at 50%.

Once you play with it, it is the easiest way to control audio and zones you will find. And the only radio that will allow you multiple pre set profiles.

Also, has the ability to have 3 quick pre set fast access sources, so you select you favorite 3 sources so no scrolling through complex menus.

We designed the GUI to be clean and simple, easy to use, large knob, full color

Also, transom remote has all zone controls as well and you can change zone volumes in one simple click of the large knob.

We plan on having everything in production by the end of the year as we have finished tooling and finializing a few more software and GUI parts.

So end of first quarter for availability.


Wet Sounds

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