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Windshield Mounting arms


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Mine had a small crack at the top when I bought my boat and it slowly started getting bigger until this weekend when a 1" by 1" piece came free. Windshield is not going anywhere but its an eye sore.

Is the dealer the only place to get these? I searched bakes found nothing I am hoping but not hopful they will be a reasonable price. I would like to paint them white when I replace them to match my tower.

Has anyone had to replace theirs?

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No pictures, I have a baby on the way any day now so boat is already stored for the winter.

But referencing the above photo. The top surface of the outer arm the small flat part facing the sky. It's about a 1" x 2" rectangle and about half of it broke off on mine. Windshield is still sturdy just a terrible eye sore and it may eventually put a hole in my cover (I think pressure from the cover is probably what cause a small crack to grow).

I have not been able to find any source online for these. I am going to call my dealer to see if I can get the arms alone without windshield.

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Well this sucks. Confirmed by my dealer that the Arms come with windshield glued in. Nearly $500 for one side!

I am just going to fill the spot my self sand it down and then tape off the whole mounting arm and paint it white. ..... My list of spring projects is getting long.

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My windshield outer supports BOTH cracked at the very top, similar to but not as extreme as the photo above. Replaced entire windshield under warranty a few weeks ago. When they took out the old windshield, the areas where it is mounted were completely rigged. The holes didn't line up with the screw holes that are on the windshield. This caused severe stress on the entire windshield and frame. We think this is the culprit for the cracking on both side posts. The dealer was shocked. Took pics and sent to Malibu. Dealer had to have a fiberglass/gel coat guy come out and patch the original holes so new ones could be drilled in the proper location. I saw this pics and was horrified how someone at Malibu just recklessly cut the fiberglass area with some sort of hack saw or something. It was bad. They wouldn't give me a copy of the pic though. LOL. I was just happy they fixed it property and not just rig it up like the factory did.. It was crazy.

I have heard of many of these outer support beams cracking. On one forum post, I saw someone say the dealer told him it was faulty batch of those posts that was failing by cracking. I call BS.. Likely their windshields weren't installed property by the same AHole at thier factory, therefore causing a binding fit and strain on the entire windshield.

Good luck with the repair and the new baby!

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