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Bluetooth No Tower Speakers


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Last night I was working on getting a grounding issue resolved. Upon fixing the issue I jumped about the boat making sure that all of my speakers sounded as crisp and nice as I thought they should. I noticed that my tower speakers were "on", but not producing any music what so ever. I proceed to go through every thing in my stereo checking connections. As a long shot I changed the source from Blue tooth to Aux and the tower speakers work fine. I also checked this with the tuner and the tower speakers work fine. Any ideas on why the blue tooth input would cut out the tower speakers?

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Give more details on your setup... for example:

My setup

Sony Head unit as source (not powering any speakers - plugged into WS420EQ "MAIN" )

MPow Bluetooth unit as source (plugged into WS420EQ "AUX")

WS420 Equalizer

Sony 600W Amp powering 6 interior speakers (From WS420EQ "BOAT")

Rockford Fosgate 500w Amp powering subwoofer (From WS420EQ "SUB")

Wet Sounds Syn4 800w Amp powering tower speakers (From WS420EQ "TOWER")

Its hard to give recommendations without knowing more about your setup. Initially when I got my boat, the head unit was powering the 2 front speakers, and the Sony 600w amp was powering the 4 rear interior speakers (I suspected that all 6 interiors were run off the 600 amp)... so I was quite confused that when I added the WS420EQ and plugged directly into its AUX port that I lost the 2 front speakers (because they were still powered by the head unit, which wasn't getting any signal since it was bypassing this completely to go to the WS420EQ)... hopefully its something as silly as that.

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Head unit: Kenwood KDC-BT558U

Amps: MTX thunder 1000watt 4 channel (interior speakers) , MTX thunder 1000watt 4 channel (running tower speakers), 600 watt MTX Thunder 1 channel (running sub)

Speakers: Tower single set of Rev8s, Interior 6 MTX 6.5".

Sub: MTX TS85 12"

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When I had a kenwood head unit (Bluetooth built in but cant remember exact model) I never could get the BT too work. Kenwood replaced mine and it still didn't work so I finally ditched it and now I have no problems with Bluetooth in my new exile setup wired the exact same way.

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Ummm so I'm no expert, but 2 things I found after some research...

Your model has 3 pre-outs, so I see why you don't need an EQ.

1) There is a firmware update for the bluetooth functionality on this model

2) There are settings in this head unit that allow you to select different audio profiles... but it appears that there is a setting to change the bluetooth audio from "front" to "all"

Supposedly it is like this: In the Kenwood Bluetooth Settings Menu under "Detailed Set" you'll want to change the "BT HF/Audio" settings from "Front" to "All"

I'm not sure exactly what the Audio profiles means in terms of how this head unit treats it... because if it sees it as a "phone" vs "Audio device" it may use different bitrates for transmission / use only certain speakers / mic / etc. I think that what I mentioned above is a better bet though.

The bluetooth settings are on Page 16 of the manual here: http://manual.kenwood.com/files/GET0995-001C.pdf

Edit - what kind of phone are you using to connect?

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It was the most random/awkward pathway towards finding BT HF/Audio. However, I wrote the above directions down which were spot on for getting it amended once finally found in the many settings. You would think that it would come pre-set to at all, but you know what assuming does.

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