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Help Identifying This Squeaking Noise

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My first guess would be either water pump bearings , raw water pump bearing or alternator. From the video impossible to tell where it is coming from.

Yeah sorta what I figured but was hoping someone could say for sure they've heard that and fixed it or put them in order of most to least likely...

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The stethoscope idea will help isolate the source.

Or, remove the belt.

This will allow you to spin by hand the alternator & water pump.

Should be able to feel if the bearings are running rough, grinding type feel.

Won't be able to turn the raw water pump.

But at least you will know the alternator & water pump are fine, can only be the raw water pump bearings left

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  • 11 months later...
14 hours ago, mswsetter00 said:

Ndawg12 I have same issue. What was the problem and what ALL did you have to replace?

Just noticed this squeak again last weekend.  Haven't done anything with it and the noise hasn't increased or gotten worse.  I read somewhere that the bearings in the alternator pulley will cause this when the boat sits unused for a while and the noise will eventually work itself out.  I don't know if I haven't used the boat enough or what but that's what I lazily attributed it to and sorta forgot about it until just recently.  It's still there and everything seems to be working fine.  More annoying than anything I guess.  

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Last two times out i was getting an intermittent screeching sound from engine compartment. I emptied ballast bags on way in and could tell it was from pulley side of engine. Thought maybe steering cable was loose again. I took alternator belt off last night and I spun alternator no sound. I then spun the circulation water pump, it sounded like a quiet Chewbacca. So that's my issue, bad bearing in circulation water pump. 
Now do I replace it now with about 3 weeks left in season or wait until this winter? I took bolts off of pulley and pulley will not come off w/o removing the exhaust tube. UGH. So it's several hours of labor, whole Saturday.:cry:

I found the pump on Bakes for $160 but it's the same as a Mercruiser which different sites have for cheaper. 

Anyone know how long I could run it? Obviously if it was May I would fix it this weekend. It's mid September and only a few more outings. I've run cars for weeks with bad bearings until had cash & time to replace them.

I would think I would be okay as long as it's not getting hot, and if the damn thing doesn't seize up.

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These folks are cheaper on most parts than skidim and bakes, they are also located in NC so you will probably get the parts faster too...


I don't know that I would chance running with a water pump that I knew was failing unless I had the new one on board with all the tools to change it...and plenty of beer to last everyone while I work on the boat.

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