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Engine running vs Engine Idle hrs


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I have seen a lot of newer used boats on the market that list the total engine hours broken out as engine "running" and engine "idle". I doubt an owner would track this information that close? Or if it is tracked by the ECM and can just be displayed or pulled up through a menu. I've seen several of the promo SN 200 listed this way. Curious what the crews thoughts are on running engine hours vs. idle engine hours and how it would effect resale and longevity of the engine.

Ex. This one is listed at $45,500 and has over 1,100 hours.


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You can pull that up from the computer if you have the right tool.

Honestly the only number I would care about is hours at the wot rpm. I don't think idling an engine means anything particularly good, just that it is running with the lowest possible oil pressure.

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Any reputable dealer can scan the engine hours with Mefi scan tool.

In general idle hours are going to be better than higher rpm running hours, especially if it constant idle, with the exception of break in period.

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i'm not in the market right now but just found it interesting. Ski-it-again is always blowing up this time of year with promos and other boats. i always like to browse around.....at least when the wife is not looking . I agree that idle hours really don't amount to much wear and tear on the engine given that they are truely idle hours. But parts are still moving and things can happen. What would be interesting is if the Mefi scan tool Indyxc referred to could actually do more than that....say show a distribution curve relative to hrs and RPMs associated. Maybe they can already do that. Lot of cool technology out there.

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you can buy the tool and look / download the info yourself.....and boat dealer would also be able to download for you....the info collected is amazing and enough to make your head swim....These engines if taken care of should run 2000 hours without much of a hic cup... specially for what they cost!!.....if there are service records available, that would verify when and the frequency oils/lubes were changed....along with any other issues. With that many hours, it might be a ski school....which would be good as ski schools trypically don't have to deal with logs, floating stuff to take out props and shafts...and driven by folks who should know the proper way to treat boats.....does not look good when you are at the ski school for a lesson, and they beach the boat!!

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One thing I realized after purchasing a low hour garaged boat is it doesn't mean that it hasn't been used.

Use it in the morning ,watch it float on an anchor all day, Put it back in the garage and repeat many times during hot summer months doesn't put any hours on it but does put wear and tear on everything else.

I purchased a 2010 with 150 hours. Rear center cushion is already tearing. Of those 150 hours , How many of that was full ballast? Full load ?.. That won't show on the ECM.

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